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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Huron Meadows O-Meet
April 10th, 2011
Meet Director: Cooper Green

It was a beautiful day for the first SMOC orienteering meet of the year. The start/finish location had a beautiful view over Maltby Lake from the Sunset pavilion in the northern section of Huron Meadows Metropark. With clear skies and a bright sun temperatures started in the 50’s and approached 80 by mid-afternoon.
Igor Guskov was dedicated to training the many individuals who showed up to try orienteering for the first time. Sarah Davenport did a great job of handling the start/finish and collecting punch sheets.
The only mishap of the day was when Anas Orfali bent over to punch the furthest control on the course his back wouldn’t let him stand up. A few passing orienteers stopped to give him pain medicine and help him work his way to a road. Many others relayed his situation back to the start and a vehicle was dispatched to pick him up. He sends his thanks to all of those who helped and even gave up time from their course. We have a great community of people in this sport.

Five courses were set for this meet and tackled by over 100 people. The White, Yellow, and Orange courses ran just as designed. The Green and Red courses provided additional challenge but proved to be a bit short by USOF standards. USOF targets winning times of 50 minutes for Green courses and 60 minutes for Red.
We reviewed all of the punches and calculated all of the times to come up with the results. Even before that, Mark Voit realized he punched the wrong control at the end of the red course and disqualified his potentially fastest time from the standings. A few of the times were within seconds of each other. Since we didn’t have a formal finish line or electronic punch I chose to discount seconds from the official scoring – recording only the minutes on the course.

Thanks to Igor and Sarah for their help with the meet, as well as to everyone else that helped during the meet or picked up flags afterwards. Thanks to everyone that came out and participated. I hope you enjoyed the course and the day.

Angela Voit 39
Forrest Hill 43
Christa & Drew Slane 47
Debbie & Tyler Pleasant, Justin & Don 50
Sophia Flores 1:19
Emilia Monroy 1.19
Trish Machemer 35
Sebastian Voit 40
Michael Li 41
Orange Lightning 45
Bill Girardin 49
Rioux Trio 52
Rich Li 59
Tom & Ruth Piesik 1:00
Adventurers 1:03
Mags & Me 1:09
John Clay/Lee Kessler 1:20
Team Found OE (2:02)
Zion OE (3 incorrect punches)
Bob & Rob Climie 40
Brent Davenport 50
Michael Li 52
Alan Baljeu 54
Moran 55
Bob Tarabula 58
Jess & Karl Franklin 1:00
Pam Kittel/Bruce Conforth 1:00
Dick Fortune/Judy Weinburger 1:11
Brett Robinson 1:16
Brian & Madison Slane 1:17
Benzie 1:33
Gail Perkins 1:37
Lynn & Alex Lang 1:46
Rich & KT 1:52
Whine (Robert Bentley) OE (2:02)
Marie Toffolo OE (1 missed)
Bryne & Ellen Broderick DNF
Dave Mielock 37
Megan Donahue 42
Bill Scanlen 45
Roddy 49
Chuck Newman 54
Brian Halliwill 56
Mike & Evan 1:11
Jim & Cheryl 1:20
Steve Garrison OE (2:03)
Matt & Jody OE (2:07)
Brian Delaney OE (1:07, unreadable punches)
David Struble/Kurt Bortels OE (1:22, 1 missed)
Anas Orfali DNF
Rick Waldo 43
Al Newman 48
Lew Kidder 48
Matt Johns 53
Tom Lee 1:00
Finn Knudsen 1:00
Mark & Mark 1:02
Jeff Williams 1:03
Tony Mibovski 1:08
Alan Oprsal 1:10
Joseph Marincel 1:18
Mike Keating 1:23
Brian Matthews 1:32
Matt Johnson 1:36
Cris Cataldo/Zandra Hudson 1:43
Marcia Harrington/Pam Bower 1:49
Whit & Trey Neubauer 2:00
Tina Coughley OE (no start time)
Mark Voit OE (1 incorrect punch)
Gary Harrington OE (1 missed punch)