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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Spring Mill O-Meet
May 8, 2011
Meet Director: Mark Voit

Volunteers: Megan Donahue, Angela Voit, Mike Keating, Alan Oprsal, Igor Guskov

There could have been no better way to spend Mother's Day than to be orienteering at Spring Mill. The weather was perfect, sunny and in the mid 60's. Tree leaves were just beginning to sprout. Trillium were beginning to blossom.

However, anyone who took their eyes off the map long enough to notice the beauty risked navigational disaster. Spring Mill has some amazingly complex topography with a serpentine trail network that requires constant concentration. Our new epunching equipment allowed for the Red and Green to revisit areas with clusters of controls and helped the course designer make the most of the challenging terrain.

Igor Guskov led the field on Red, in a time of 80:36. Matt Ross was the second official finisher in 94:13. However, Rick Waldo pre-ran the course in 84:52, but without electronic verification. Epunching on the red course led to the disqualification of three runners who were distracted by the Green control in a large depression 80 meters before the correct Red control in a small depression. Now that we have epunching, people need to be more attentive to the control codes!

Pat Murad was the fastest finisher on Green, in 93:33. Looking at the splits on Green is very interesting:

The final control was decisive, as the top four finishers on Green were all within 5 minutes of one another up to that point.

Nick Stremer completed the Orange course in 83:19, far ahead of the rest of the field. Many people on Orange found the navigation quite difficult partly because of the convoluted trails and partly because, once you've lost track of where you are in the heart of this map, relocating yourself is a big challenge.

Some of the participants on Yellow had the same difficulty, but now Bill Girardin, who finished first in 88:30. And Angela Voit (with some help from her mother) was first on White in 56:37.

Thanks to all who participated and particularly those who volunteered to help: Megan Donahue, Igor Guskov, Mike Keating, Alan Oprsal, and Angela Voit.

RED COURSE (6.7 km, 14 controls)

Igor Guskov
Matt Ross
Lew Kidder
Alan Oprsal
Tom Lee
Alex Izzo
Anas Orfali
Wyatt & Jessica Hazlett
Mike Ryan
OE (205:42)
Boris Avdeev
MP (93:24)
Al Newman
MP (101:46)
Greg Gibbard
MP (119:32)
Oleg Koptelov
Rick Waldo
84:52  (unofficial pre-meet runner)

GREEN COURSE (4.5 km, 10 controls)

Pat Murad 93:33:00
Mike Keating 97:57:00
Roddy Wares 104:21:00
Megan Donahue 107:07:00
Chuck Newman 119:25:00
Mike Li 126:51:00
Brian Tarabula 154:35:00
Bob Tarabula 164:15:00
Bill Pelletier
OE  (273:30)
Mark Tarabula

ORANGE COURSE (4.3 km, 10 controls)

Nick Stremer 83:19:00
Les & Sharon Howard 164:32:00
Rioux Trio 168:53:00
Lynn & Alex Lang
OE  (182:30)
Richard Fortune
OE  (183:00)
Adventure Crew Cobras
OE  (206:02)
David Kelly
Chad Andrews
Team Slane
Team Lisa
Nula & Linda
Bob Clymie

YELLOW COURSE (3.3 km, 8 controls)

Bill Girardin 88:30:00
Binkert Family 151:09:00
Tom & Ruth Piesik 153:05:00
Team Q
OE  (184:12)
Roberts & Joselyn

WHITE COURSE (2.4 km, 7 controls)

Angela Voit 56:37:00
Segev Family 74:58:00
Troop 120, Team 2 
Troop 120, Team 1