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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Yankee Springs O-Meet
May 15, 2011
Meet Director: Mike Keeting

Volunteers: Mary Jean Keating, Joe & Becca Burkhead, Tom Lee, Rick Waldo, Mark & Sabastian Voit, Mark Hoskins and his boy scouts

Despite the cold (for May 15th), windy, and rainy weather, there were 35 participants (plus some adult boy scout supervisors). The participants included 3 from the Chicago Area Orienteering Club: Chris Svoboda, Bruce Metz, and Rich Gaylord. The wind died down and was not an issue in the woods. The woods were wet, but otherwise it was beautiful orienteering (mostly very nice open woods with some very interesting terrain).

Mark Hoskins had been working with his boy scouts on compass use, map reading, and pace counting, and also learning how to organize and run a meet. There were 9 scouts there plus adult volunteer supervisors. The scouts helped with the equipment setup for the meet. They divided into 4 groups to do the white course (each group also had several adult supervisors along). Then they went back out and did the yellow course (although Mark had said not to time them – because they were getting help and instructions). Finally the scouts (and adult supervisors) picked up the white and yellow controls and helped with the equipment take down. Great job scouts! Thanks for your help.

Many thanks to Mary Jean Keating for helping with running the meet and to Tom Lee who helped with the start and also with control pickup. Rick Waldo, Mark Voit, and Sabastian Voit also helped with control pickup. Thanks to Joe and Becca Burkhead for helping put out controls on Saturday.

As usual, there were some interesting discussions among the participants on route choices to various controls. Mark Voit cruised to first on the red course 69 minutes 30 seconds. Anas Orfali was first on the green course in 98 minutes and 16 seconds. Rich Gaylord was first on the orange course in 110 minutes 42 seconds. Young Sabastian Voit (doing all of his own navigation) was first on yellow 63 minutes 47 seconds. Boy scouts Jake Brower & Neil Hoskins burned the white course to finish first in 38 minutes 30 seconds. First timer Micah Woods and his son did both the white and the yellow courses.

Igor Guskov is out of town, so red and green splits won’t be on the website until after the May 22 meet.

Mark Voit  69:30
Rick Waldo
Chris Svoboda
Al Newman
Tom Lee
Finn Knudsen
Anas Orfali
Oleg Koptelov
Bruce Metz
Rich Gaylord
Chad & Leslie Van Der Hulst
Brian & Ian Bury
Great Lakes Adventure
Stephanie Kempa & Dan Boughton
Sebastian Voit 
Micah Woods & Son
Ellen & Bryne Broderick
Jake Brower & Neil Hoskins
Larry &  Mark Price
Micah Woods & Son
Dennis Hodges, Collin McManus & Trever Hodges
Reilly Cisler & Mason Simmons