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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Crooked Lake O-Meet
May 22, 2011
Meet Directosr: Chuck Newman & Steve Benzie

Due to the thickness of the vegetation in the woods and the temperature being in the 80's the courses were shortened out of consideration for the participants. The original Red course was instead called a Blue course and the Red course didn't contain the most difficult control from the Blue course. Some of the Blue course runners said that they didn't mind being in water above their knees because of the cooling effect. The courses seemed appropriate as the finishing times were within guidelines and there were very few who did not complete their course successfully. Apologies to Matt Johns who was mistakenly given a Blue map.
Special thanks to Mary Joscelyn who was a co-meet director and did her usual great job. THanks as well to Rick Waldo, Mike Li, Alan Baljeu, Jens, Lew, and the others who helped pick up controls.

No participants
23:56:00 Team Maleswe
28:15:00 Sean Torrez
37:37:00 Lynn
41:20:00 Prairie Dog Kickers
43:30:00 Katherine Schille
49:35:00 Rioux Trio
50:37:00 Bill Girardin
55:10:00 Rick Neimith
63:20:00 Tom & Ruth Piesik
66:30:00 Team Wolverine
80:55:00 Bill & Brad
86:40:00 Team Waterbugs
98:45:00 David & Raphael Lane
99:08:00 Team Que
34:45:00 Voker Schille
56:02:00 Joe Chamler and Wonder Dog KarKar
71:15:00 Jess & Karl Franklin
72:50:00 Brian & Madison Slane
73:24:00 Sean Torrez
88:25:00 Great Lakes Adventure Club
153:10:00 Turing Machines
Dick Fortune & Judy Weinburger

Green & Red