Pond Lily Lookout

April 23, 2006

Meet Director: Alex Izzo
Assisted by Laurent Fournier and Suzanne Izzo

Roughly 100 people came out for the first SMOC meet of the year. The courses offered were White, Yellow, Short Line-O, and Long Line-O. For the Line-O, a route was marked on the master map but no controls were marked. The instructions for the line-O courses were to follow the marked route and mark on the map the locations of the bags found along the route while being careful not to mark any bags found off the route. (A red pen was provided at each bag.) A penalty of 30 minutes was applied for each missed or incorrect bag marked, and a 15-minute penalty was applied for each bag marked in the wrong place.

Al Newman didnít seems pleased about the line-O format, but at least there were no mosquitoes to bother him this time as there were at the previous meet I directed. Several other people indicated that they enjoyed the format.

An especially large number of people went out on the Yellow course including a large group of junior marines and Boy Scout Troop 547. I heard later from the scoutmaster that the scouts had a really good time and will be coming to more orienteering meets. We look forward to seeing both of these youth groups again at future SMOC events.

Karen Smith and her oldest child went around the White course pushing a stroller containing the two younger children - an impressive feat considering the route was rough and quite steep in some places. Meanwhile Karenís husband, Juha Heinonen, also put in an impressive performance, handily winning the Long Line-O. Mark Voitís clock time was 16 seconds faster than Juhaís, but he received a penalty for including a control that was off the route. The clock times of Al Newman and Dave Mielock were within minutes of Mark and Juha, but they too received penalties.

When I was planning the courses, several people advised me that line-O courses need to be much shorter than cross country courses. I took this advice to heart, and it proved to be good advice. Judging from the winning times, the course lengths were perfect; winning times on the Yellow, Short Line-O, and Long Line-O, were all within 2 minutes of 1 hour.

Not all was perfect though - less than an hour into the meet it began to rain.

Thanks to Mark Fochesato for picking up most of the controls.

finish ordername clock timepenaltytime+penalty
Long Line: 4.5km, 300m climb, 11 controls
1Juha Heinonen0:58:50 0:58:50
2Mark Voit0:58:340:30:001:28:34
3Al Newman1:04:200:45:001:49:20
4Dave Mielock1:06:350:45:001:51:35
5Tim Mielock1:23:000:30:001:53:00
6Barbara Wyatt1:43:000:30:002:13:00
7Pat Murad1:50:400:30:002:20:40
8Dennis Elston2:43:15 2:43:15
9Reno Nye and Chuck Kovick2:05:501:00:003:05:50
10Mark Ryan2:21:401:00:003:21:40
Short Line:3km, 160m climb, 8 controls
1Ted and Katie1:01:00 1:01:00
2Robert and Diane1:28:29 1:28:29
3Chuck Newman1:30:20 1:30:20
4Carol and J1:36:00 1:36:00
5Paul V1:39:30 1:39:30
6Megan Donahue1:39:30 1:39:30
7Bruce Murphy1:37:000:15:001:52:00
8Rick Matthei2:31:00 2:31:00
9Melissa and Andy1:34:001:15:002:49:00
10David Wiechrman2:04:201:00:003:04:20
11Robert Messer2:25:001:15:003:40:00
12Sonya Talwalker1:35:002:30:004:05:00

finish ordername time
Yellow: 3.2km, 170m climb, 10 controls
2Doran Duckworth1:08:30
4Matt and Paul Johnson1:13:20
5Tom Jameson1:18:00
6Bill Girardin1:23:30
7Mike and Pat1:28:00
8T547 Group 71:30:00
9Andrew and Carson1:35:00
10Rick Briandt1:45:00
11Marines Group 21:54:00
12Ken Anderson and Rod Limas1:56:00
13John and Carre W1:58:17
14T547 Group 12:14:00
15H+K+T+J Guzick2:23:00
16Marines Group 1 (Backward)2:25:00
17T547 Group 62:34:00
 Richard CahoinOE
 Jim HafkeOE
 T547 Group 2OE
 T547 Group 3OE
 T547 Group 4OE
 T547 Group 5OE
 Stephen EvansOE
White: 1.6km, 90m climb, 9 controls
1Ken Anderson and Rod Limas0:36:10
2Sandy and Jerry0:43:30
3Harry and Carolyn Miller0:50:30
4Chris O'Connor1:09:00

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