Meet location: Silver Lake

Date: October 15, 2006

Director: David Ives

Silver Lake and southeast Michigan featured full fall color, sunny skies, light wind, and temperatures in the fifties for near perfect orienteering conditions this day. With great conditions and the Tigers having just won the ALCS, I saw more smiles than usual all day long before and after runs.

Mark Voit polished off the Red course in just under an hour with a few other elite runners right behind him on a fairly hilly and long course. Lew Kidder finished Green, a little shorter course but just as difficult, in just over an hour with Mike Keating around ten minutes behind. I think Mike wins the award for most improved orienteer this year. He’s cut his time in about half over the last few years.

On the Orange course, Eric Bacon showed the way at 48:20 with Art Ostaszewski a couple minutes back. This course challenged runners with a few controls being shared with Green and Red.

The Yellow and White courses generally ran to the north and west. The Patrick McNeal group led Yellow, and Andy, Caleb, and Mitchell Wershing led White. We also had a well-managed scout troup 1634 which finished the White course in four different groups. I know these guys had a great time.

By the way, one of the ways to improve orienteering times is to be a meet director. Mike is doing this, and the results speak for themselves. We are looking for meet directors for next spring. So if you want to volunteer, please call me at 734-812-6744.

Thanks to Rick Waldo, Joel Billau, John and Joan Walker for picking up controls and to my son Michael for helping put controls out. Thanks also to my wife and daughter Kim and Allison for checking people in during the rush from noon to two pm. This one was a lot of fun with the great weather and fall colors. Be sure not to miss John and Joan’s Night-O in two weeks also at Silver Lake!


Red: 7.6 km, 13 controls
Mark Voit54:20
Juha Heinonen60:20
Joel Billau61:50
Rick Waldo64:50
Finn Knudsen84:30
Al Newman84:40
Alan Opersol86:10
Alex Izzo98:30
Mike and Kristal Coronado109:00
Caleb and Andy200:00
Gordon Seeley217:15
Chuck and Sara (Red and Orange Combined)226:00
Harrington GroupDNF
Green: 5.4 km, 9 controls
Lew Kidder63:10
Mike Keating70:20
Greg Lucas71:20
Mike Ryan73:45
Roddy Wares89:50
Laurent Fournier93:30
Mark and Mike Cripe113:00
Megan Donahue117:40
Rich and Jeremy Mathei120:30
Chuck and Jill Kovack127:20
Hughes Group184:00
Orange: 4.2 km, 10 controls
Eric Bacon48:20
Art Ostaszewski50:10
Jess Franklin52:20
Brian Halliwell53:00
David Wiechman72:30
Lowell and Angela79:40
Gillian Carney and Robert Messer94:15
Mike and Pat Villemore97:00
Julie Simms and Brad Simmons105:50
John Satchwell115:15
Alan Baljeu 127:20
Doug, Angela, and Lynn132:20
Kittel Family137:20
Brian HermitDNF
Sonya TalwalkerDNF
Wyatt and RenoDNF
Oates GroupDNF
Yellow: 4.0 km, 10 controls
Patrick McNeal Group62:10
Mary Joscelyn and Catherine Roberts66:40
Sherry and Cheng72:00
Pat Steadman72:10
Finley Group124:00
White: 3.2 km, 8 controls
Wershing Group28:40
Scout Troup 1634 #432:30
Scout Troup 1634 #132:50
Voit Family37:20
Scout Troup 1634 #240:20
Spencer Group65:10
Scout Troup 1634 #381:40
Heinonen Family97:00

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