Meet location: Spring Mill

Date: November 12, 2006

Director: Rick Waldo

Juha Heinonen came back in an astounding 67+ minutes on the 7.7 km Red course to take the club championship. I guess he wasn’t fazed at all by the prairie meadows (some of the runners said the novelty of it made for a little hesitancy). "Comeback Kid of the Year" Lew Kidder had an outstanding time on the Green course.

There were no female solo finishers above the yellow course. That was a little disappointing, as was the relatively light turnout (about 65). I wonder if we have to think of a different name for the club championships event so as not to scare off non-club members, even though the website indicated "all welcome".

Thanks to all who helped out. My wife Mary Beth and son Daniel helped at registration. Mark Fochesato, Pat Murad, Dennis Elston, Jess Franklin, and Karl Johnson picked up controls. Especially noteworthy: Linda Aimee, first time orienteer (went out on both White and Yellow courses), helped pick up several controls.


Red: 7.7 km
Juha Heinonen67:43
Alan Oprsal92:48
Al Newman103:17
Finn Knudsen107:42
Mark Fochesato111:39
Alex Izzo135:28
Mike Hanchett and Kristel Coronado150:45
Doran Duckworth181:05
Dave and Chris210:20
Gary and Marsha Harrington217:55
Mike Juric and Rob RoyOE
Dick West and MariaOE
Green: 5.3 km
Lew Kidder69:58
Pat Murad89:32
Mike Keating90:15
Dave Mielock103:32
Mike Ryan104:51
Chuck Newman118:33
Dennis Elston142:34
Rich Matthei150:06
Sonya TalwalkerOE
Jess Franklin and Karl JohnsonOE
Orange: 4.5 km
Pam and Steve81:37
Steve Bognar91:20
Robert Messer95:10
Troop 547 #4102:37
Mike and Pat114:10
Mark and Michelle124:40
Troop 547 #3129:09
Bob Climie129:50
Troop 547 #2177:12
Troop 547 #1204:55
Steve MajorOE
Yellow: 3.5 km
Bill Girardin57:35
Team Foch59:12
Cathy Roberts and Mary Joscelyn59:25
Andrew and Carson75:47
Nicholas Hein85:18
Team Williston94:04
Renee Sheriff119:23
Linda AimeeOE
White: 3.1 km
Carrie and John66:38
Team Ehli83:00
Linda Aimee89:50

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