Meet location: Mill Lake

Date: April 15, 2007

Director: Bill Luitje

The forecast was for cloudy skies and intermittent rain, but Sunday dawned with sunny skies and cool temperatures. It was an ideal day for orienteering, and a lot of people came out to Waterloo Recreation Area.

The format was Score-O with an individual control worth from 10 to 40 points depending on how far away and how difficult a location it was. The goal was to accumulate as many points as possible within the 90-minute time limit. If you were out more than 90 minutes you lost 10 points per minute. With the highest value control worth only 40 points, people were highly motivated to come back on time.

Quite a number of people told me how much they enjoyed the format and why. People especially enjoyed the ability to design their own course. They said that sometimes White was too short and Yellow too long and this day they could do as much as they felt like. Others said that they wanted to try some of the more advanced controls without doing a complete advanced course. Indeed, I was impressed by the number of advanced controls near to the start that were found by relative beginners.

On the other hand, the Score-O format was not announced in advance. This proved a severe disadvantage to people who did not bring their own watches. Some people asked people they met in the woods what time it was and other people stopped back at the start to ask me how much time they had left. All in all, I was impressed with how competitive people were as gauged by how close to the full 90 minutes most people took.

Two people found all 26 controls in less than 75 minutes with Mark Voit beating out Joel Billau for top honors by virtue of finishing about a minute faster.

Special thanks go to Mary Joscelyn who handled the big crowd at the registration table with aplomb and good cheer. Big thanks also go out to the people who helped pick up controls at the end of the day: Joel Billau, Lew Kidder, Alan Oprsal, Robert Messer, and Pam Kittel.


Score-O participants
Mark Voit660
Joel Billau660
Alan Oprsal650
Al Newman640
Tim Mielock560
Dave Mielock550
Andrey Koptelov540
Tom Lee540
Lew Kidder540
Mike Keating520
Igor Guskov520
Oleg Koptelov520
Finn Knudsen510
Boris Avdeyev490
Mark Spencer & Laurie Spencer490
Megan Donohue490
Thurston Miller470
Chuck Newman450
Kevin Keating440
Art Ostaszewski420
Mike Ryan410
Alex, Jessica, & Tony400
Wyatt & Barbara390
Rob Patterson & Jennifer Smith370
Polina Koptelova360
Ron & Ben Way350
Tom Jameson350
Chuck Kovick & Jill350
Bill Girardin340
David & Brian Huber330
Mark Todd & Mark Lane310
Brian Halliwell300
Great Lakes Adventure Club 1260
Pam Kittel & Robert Messer260
John Rioux Group240
Yossef Zkic180
Jess & Karl170
Dave Wiechmann150
Phil Shrader, Katy, & Carolyn140
Dave Meeker140
Joel Livingston  70
Diane Cook  50
Trail Blazers  20
recreational participants
Chuck Brenner & Sara Williams
Herbie & Amanda, Troop 547
Scott Eveningred & Kelly Bukovina
David & Frank, Troop 547
Matt & Jim, Troop 547
Ken Parks & Susan Burleigh
Jolly Rogers Group
Blake Nicholson

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