Meet location: Yankee Springs

Date: June 3, 2007

Director: Mike Keating

Sunday June 3 was a rainy day. However, no thunderstorms came through (unlike the two that came through on June 2), and the temperature was very comfortable for moving through the woods. Only a small group defied the wet weather. These included two different Boy Scout troops. (Way to be prepared scouts!)

The Sharpshooters Boy Scout group had been in contact with Linda Burke prior to the meet. This was their first orienteering experience, and Linda gave them instructions on compass use, map reading, and pace counting. Since they showed up near 2 pm, their orienteering experience was limited to the White course. The Sharpshooters divided into two groups (3 scouts in each group). Group 2 finished the White course in 61.32 minutes, while Group 1 finished in 77.03 minutes.

Boy Scout Troop 547 spent the weekend camping at Yankee Springs. On Saturday, they had mountain biked, canoed, fished, and survived the two thunderstorms. Troup 547 had some previous orienteering experience, so they divided into three groups did the Yellow course. The Yellow course had the most activity of the day. Mark Van Tongeren and Greg VanTol, two adventure racers wanting to improve their navigation skills, had the fastest time on the Yellow course (62.42 minutes). Second was Troop 547 Group 1 in 89.00 minutes, and close behind them was the Susan Meyer family (Mom and Dad with Dad backpacking a 1.5 year old) in 91.62 minutes.

Mark and Greg then went out on Orange, but after another 90 minutes came back with a dnf. They reported that they had a great experience and that they tremendously improved their navigation skills. Alan Baljeu started on the Orange course late in the day and also had a dnf. Kevin Keating, in his first year of formal orienteering, hung some of the Yellow and White controls, and then picked up the Orange controls. Good job Kevin.

Megan Donahue was the only Green course participant. Megan finished in 121 minutes. Because of the rain, the old branches/sticks on the ground were slippery and in the greener areas they were not visible. Megan said that she just walked through those areas as well as some of the other off-trail areas.

There were two Red course participants: Mark Voit and Alan Oprsal. Mark finished in 82.03 minutes and also was slowed by the invisible slippery branches in the greener areas. Alan said he had to reorient on a number of the first controls and that he punched his map through the plastic bag. Then water got in the map case and made the map fuzzy for the later controls. In spite of the fuzzy map handicap, Alan persisted and found all the controls.

Linda Burke helped Sharpshooters Group 1 pick up the White controls, and then Linda picked up the Yellow controls by herself. Linda also helped with registration. Thanks Linda. Also thanks to my son Kevin Keating who was a big help and to my wife Mary Jean who helped with a number of things at the registration tent.


Red: 7.19 km, 14 controls
Mark Voit  82.03
Alen Oprsal186.00
Green: 5.58 km, 12 controls
Megan Donahue121.00
Orange: 4.91 km, 12 controls
Mark Van Tongeren and Greg VanToldnf
Alan Baljeudnf
Kevin Keatingfound all controls
  Yellow: 2.62 km (straight line), 3.65 km (via trails), 9 controls  
Mark Van Tongeren and Greg VanTol  62.42
Troop 547 Group 1  89.00
Susan Meyer family  91.62
Troop 547 Group 2108.97
Troop 547 Group 3127.67
White: 1.72 km, 6 controls
Sharpshooters Group 2  61.32
Sharpshooters Group 1  77.03

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