Meet location: Pontaic Lake

Date: June 10, 2007

Directors: Rick Waldo and Linda Burke

The courses for this meet were intended to be the same as the third day of the A-Meet (May 6, 2007) for those who didn't get a chance to participate because they were volunteering. Course designer Rick had to make a few modifications though because the A-meet had a remote start about three-quarters of a mile from the beach parking lot and we wanted to start right across the street. This added quite a bit of length and a couple controls to each course. So Rick decided to use the A-Meet Green-X course as the Red course for this meet and the A-Meet Brown course as the Green course. The A-Meet Orange, Yellow, and White courses were offered with only a few modifications. I heard only one complaint that the original A-Meet Red and Blue courses were not available.

We had a large number of DNFs and OEs today. Instead of route choices and split times, all the talk at the finish line was about the combination of heat (87 degrees after control pick-up), mosquitoes (as big as hummingbirds, if you believe the stories, and I do), and the green conditions this late in the season. The yellow areas on the map were waist-high grass and thistles, and the usually runnable woods had uncommonly green undergrowth that made running all but impossible. This slowed the runners down and made them more all the more vulnerable to mosquito attack.

I also heard that, if not for the conditions, this would have been one of the best meets ever due the great course design.

My apologies to Orange and Yellow runners for a misplaced control on each course. I didn't DQ anyone who couldn't find either one.

Thanks to Mark Voit for the original course design and to Rick Waldo for making it workable for a local meet. Thanks also to Barb Burke and Elena Lesmez for running registration, and thanks to Alan Oprsal, Alan Baljeu, Suzanne Izzo, Alex Izzo, Elena Lesmez, and especially to Rick Waldo for control pick-up.


Red: 5.43 km, 16 controls
Mark Voit  78:05
Alan Oprsal146:33
Alex Izzo159:01
Simon Blanchflower174:06
Mike RyanOE
Al NewmanDNF
Marcia and Gary HarringtonDNF
Dave WiechmannDNF
Green: 5.39 km, 13 controls
Roddy Wares138:00
Mark Ware and Matt ReynoldsOE
The BobsDNF
Jennifer and RobDNF
Suzanne IzzoDNF
Orange: 4.13 km, 14 controls
Marcela Babnic  75:51
Alan Baljeu105:56
Mike and Pat127:15
Mark and Tom132:12
The Lost Tribe (5)154:03
Robert Messer159:46
Angela and LowellDQ
Yellow: 3.13 km, 12 controls
Steve Major  51:23
Catherine and Mary  99:36
White: 2.19 km, 11 controls
Elena Lesmez  45:35
Sebastian Voit  54:26
Boy Scout Troop 195 (6)  93:50
Girl Scout Troop 776 (6)100:10
Barb BurkeDNF

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