Meet location: Mill Lake

Date: April 20, 2008

Directors: Jess Franklin and Karl Johnson

The Waterloo Headquarters and the Discovery Center were again welcoming and easy to work with for this meet. The combination of good weather, a covered pavillion, and open early-spring visability made this a fun day. Many thanks to Mary Joscelyn for running the sign-in at the start/finish. Thanks to Lew Kidder, Igor Guskov, Dennis Elston for picking up controls.


Red: 7.9 km, 15 controls
 Rick Waldo72:29  
 Dave Avdeev79:05  
 Igor Guskov80:53  
 Tom Lee90:25  
 Lew Kidder96:08  
 Jason White100:49  
 Thursdton Miller103:30  
 Al Newman85:25  no 13 (in one of several thickets)
Green: 5.9 km, 12 controls
 Laurent Fournier62:25  
 Dave Mielock78:00  approximate time (timer error)
 Art Ostaszewski86:04  
 Mike Ryan91:26  
 Ken and Ali Nieman100:05  
 Mike Keating103:57  
 Dennis Elston104:01  
 Sarah Deuel105:29  
 Alex Izzo80:28  no 11 (same as Red 13)
 Ryan McGee83:12  no 11 (same as Red 13)
 Chuck Newman111:59  no 11 (same as Red 13)
 Pam and Chris  ran out of time
 Tim MielockDNF  
Orange: 4.6 km, 12 controls
 Orfali and dog on leash71:56  
 Alan Baljeu80:54  
 Tom Jameson90:09  
 Angela and Loel96:34  
 Dan Emmert97:10  
 Diane Cook101:22  
 Pouillon Family111:52  
 Marco Braggio154:57  
 Brian RossDNF  
 Pete and Tammy VillemureDNF  
Yellow: 3.4 km, 12 controls
 Bill Giardin69:25  
 Horn Family69:50  
 John Rioux102:20  no DK
White: 2.38 km, 12 controls
 Sue and Ethan White38:40  
 Garwood family with stroller49:40  
 Eric Rice and family70:52  

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