Meet location: Halfmoon Lake

Date: April 27, 2008

Directors: Lew Kidder, Dick Fortune, Jennifer Burd

This wasn't the first meet that used Halfmoon Lake Beach as a staging area, but it was the first time the courses were designed over newly mapped terrain south of the lake and west of Hankerd Road. The area is quite hilly and very complex. As one might have expected, this led to some testing challenges and more than the normal share of OE's.

Eight-six people in all went out on the five courses. And as luck would have it, all 86 eventually returned. The largest number tried Green, and the fastest of those was Mark Voit who had just come from finishing 8th overall in the nearby Trail Half-Marathon.

Ric Waldo's finishing time on Red was actually 2:15:31. But since he picked up the last 11 controls on Red, plus one specific to Green, and even brought in the jugs and cups from the two water stops, we gave him three minutes of credit for 13 "extras". Dealer makes the rules of the game.

Most of the finishers had some tale to tell. Mike Keating lost a lens from his glasses, and thinking "I have zero chance of finding it", finished one-eyed. Anas Orfali went out with a dog and a key chain, but returned with only one of the items (the dog, in case you were wondering). Each was lamenting his loss . . . when in came club vet Chuck Newman with both items in his pocket. "I look down at the ground a lot these days. I like to keep from tripping." One of the perks of the aging process.


Red: 7.0 km, 14 controls
 Ric Waldo    1:36:31**
 Al Newman1:49:47
 Igor Guskov1:51:53
 Chris Westra2:15:14
 Alex Izzo2:23:52
 Diane Deangelis3:58:51
 James Pouillon & family of fourOE
 Steve & Terri KaczorOE
 Gordon SeeleyOE
10  Ryan McGeeOE
11  David Kelley (plus four)OE
12  Kris VerschoorOE
13  Cally Bukovina, Cris Cataldo, & Scott EveningredOE
Green: 4.9 km, 11 controls
 Mark Voit1:00:35
 Ken Nieman1:27:33
 Pat Murad1:32:45
 Todd Emaus & Katie Francis1:36:17
 J. D. Lindberg1:37:55
 Chuck Newman1:56:05
 Anas Orfali2:17:37
 Mike Ryan2:21:32
 Mike Keating2:29:14
10  Jennifer Smith2:37:50
11  Robert Messer & Pam Kittel2:57:50
12  Mike & Pat Villemure3:02:05
13  Bill & Joseph Pelletier3:25:12
14  Parker FinnOE
15  Dave KannersOE
16  John Loudermilk & Zoe MetroOE
17  Brent ArcherOE
18  Bob, John, & Chad WaddellOE
19  Joe PastorekOE
20  Dennis ElstonOE
21  Laurent FournierOE
22  Anna GergorgOE
23  Sarah DeuelOE
Orange: 3.3 km, 8 controls
 Art Ostaszewski0:54:38
 Bill Girardin1:09:13
 Dennis & Sheri Horn1:10:25
 Diane Cook1:19:21
 Bob Tarabula1:20:32
 Jeff & Jennifer McWilliams1:23:52
 Selena Jepkema & Jeff Watt1:40:03
 Kristi Roberts & Gordie Ambros1:42:19
 Brian, Eugenia, Charlie, & Will True1:46:36
Yellow: 2.8 km, 7 controls
 Jess Franklin0:41:15
 John Arkison & Deb Baldwin1:11:23
 Heather Gruzick (11 scouts & moms)1:46:18
White: 2.4 km, 6 controls
 Chris & Katie Ballard1:04:00

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