Meet location: Peach Mountain

Date: October 5, 2008

Director: Chuck Newman

Thanks to the help of Yossi Zekic, Igor Gruskov, and Allan Newman, who finished setting out the controls when the meet director broke his ankle while setting out controls, we had a very successful meet. There was some confusion when a control was moved on the Orange course, but for the most part, the last-minute volunteers saved the day. Also thanks to Jim Mathews, Lew Kidder, Bill Luitje, Gabe Svobodny, and Mike Keating who picked up controls and signs and to Mary Joscelyn who did her usual great job with registration.

Over 90 orienteers enjoyed a beautiful early fall day, and the club took into over $600 in fees. A new location was selected for the start and finish to provide some new challenges and to avoid the long, wasted run with no orienteering required at the start and finish of the traditional location. Also, it was possible to include the WUOM radio tower as a control which surprisingly wasnít easy to spot given the foliage on the trees. With the leaves still on the trees limiting visibility, the courses were deceptively difficult. The orienteers who heeded the meet directorís advice to run an easier-than-usual course seemed to appreciate the advice. Many of those who didnít had the opportunity to spend more time enjoying the beautiful weather.

There were some great runs, especially considering the challenge of having the foliage limiting visibility. The top finishers on the Red course all did a great of navigating at speed.

Thanks also to Norihiko Uchida who distributed orienteering maps from Japan where he was an active orienteer. We look forward to seeing him and many of the others new to our club at future events.


Red: 7.4 km, 14 contols
 Gabe Svobodny1:07:30
 Mark Voit1:08:10
 Serge Preobrozhensky1:18:30
 Boris Audeev1:25:20
 Alan Oprsal1:34:15
 Lew Kidder1:57:30
 Chris Westra & Patty McTigue2:37:00
  Mark & Jen ToddOT
  Chris CataldoDNF
  Anas OrfaliDNF
  Laura & Steve SmithDNF
  Dan EmmertDNF
  Carl, Dave, & DougDNF
  Tom SuobodnyDNF
Green: 5.7 km, 11 controls
 Dave Morris1:41:20
 Pat Murad1:42:00
 Megan Donahue1:50:00
 Bill Luitje1:51:30
 Karl & Heather Guzick2:27:00
 Ken Nieman2:28:00
 Tim & Sue Mielock2:36:00
 Mike Keating2:37:00
10  Jeff & Jenifer McWilliams2:42:00
11  Allan Baljeu2:44:00
12  Jessie & Wyatt2:52:00
  Lorent FournierDNF
  Pam & BruceDNF
Orange: 4.6 km, 10 controls
 Steve Benzie1:28:00
 Norihiko Uchida1:53:00
 Mike Ryan1:55:30
 Brian Halliwill2:11:30
 Jim Mathews2:14:00
 Jess & Karl2:20:00
 Gordon Seeley2:20:30
  Robert & ZhenhuaOT
  Brian & JulieDNF
  Gary HarringtonDNF
  Zoe & JohnDNF
  Mike & Pat VillemureDNF
  Brian FlanaganDNF
  Pete & TamieDNF
  Dick & JenniferDNF
Yellow: 3.2 km, 9 controls
 John Bellew1:29:00
 Bill Girardin1:30:00
 Sebastian Voit1:37:00
 Jim Pouillon1:41:00
 The Story2:07:20
  Joanne Kent & Barb WhitusDNF
  Sandy LoganDNF
White: 2.8 km, 7 controls
 Scott & Liz0:43:00
 Angela Voit1:00:30
 Elena Audeev1:05:40
 Jessica Roberts1:10:00
 Amber's group1:55:00
 Ballard family2:04:00
 Nicholas, Matthew, & Melissa Benzie 2:08:50
 Tom & Ruth Piesik2:10:00
  Matt & Jamie JohnsonDNF
  Garwood familyDNF

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