Meet location: Yankee Springs

Date: October 12, 2008

Director: Mike Keating

It was a spectacularly beautiful, sunny day with brilliant fall leaf colors. There were reports that some of the controls were hard to spot against the reds, oranges, and yellows of the background foliage.

The turnout was quite good for the West Michigan Yankee Springs meet site. The numbers were bolstered by a 30 plus group of kids (and adult supervisors) that came from Mona Shores School in Muskegon for their first orienteering experience. The Mona Shores group was organized by Blake Greonhout. Good job Blake!

A very special thanks to Linda Burke, Megan Donahue, Paul Shank, and Mark Voit for providing compass and map reading instructions to the Mona Shores group and some other first-time orienteerers. Thanks to Mikala Rioux (one of my daughters), Paul Shank, and Alan Oprsal for helping pickup controls. Also thank to my wife, Mary Jean Keating, for doing the registration and for general assistance both on Saturday and Sunday, and thanks to Linda Burke for helping with the registration with the Mona Shores group arrived in a big bunch.

To provide some additional course variability, the start was one mile east of the normal starting location for Yankee Springs, and the Red, Green, and Orange courses had lots of controls on the south side of Gun Lake Road. The tightest 1-2 finish (52 seconds) was on White. The tightest 1-2-3 finish was on Yellow (just over a 3 minute spread). Orange had a 3.5 minute spread between the first and second finishers. The Green course had the least takers with Tom Lee finishing in 85 minutes, 26 seconds. Mark Voit described the Red course as challenging and finished in 85 minutes, 18 seconds. There was just over a 7 minute spread between the second, third, and fourth finishers on Red.

Andy and Michelle Davis got all the Orange controls with Andy carrying their baby River in a backpack–although their time was over 3 hours for an OT. The Mona Shores kids divided into nine groups. After instruction, four of the groups successfully completed the White course. The White course's most challenging point was an area that had multiple trails leaving in different directions–a good compass and map reading challenge there. Even though it was their first orienteering experience, one of the Mona Shores groups went cross country instead of staying on the trails–true orienteerers at heart!

For an orienteering experience (OE), several people went out late on some courses with the intent to find part of the controls as opposed to doing the whole course. Some of these people had already completed easier courses.


Red: 7.50 km
 Mark Voit1:25:18
 Al Newman1:47:24
 Thurston Miller1:51:09
 Lew Kidder1:54:34
 Chris Bachman2:55:22
 Alan OprsalOT
 Matt RossDNF
Green: 5.60 km
 Tom Lee1:35:26
 Mark LennartDNF
Orange: 4.71 km
 Megan Donahue1:40:00
 Paul Shank1:43:30
 Mark Ware2:30:19
 Brent Davenport & Tony Scott2:40:00
 Sarah Davenport2:45:55
 Michelle, Andy, & River DavisOT
 Andy WeeksDNF
 Bryan RossDNF
 Steve GarrisonOE
 Pam ShankOE
Yellow: 2.86 km
 David Erickson  51:15
 Bulten Family (5)  54:10
 Darcy & Laura Shank  54:43
 Mikala & Johnny Rioux1:13:56
 Gale Perkins1:17:15
 Steve Garrison1:24:51
 Sebstian Voit1:35:00
 Jeremy & Rachel Myers1:36:34
 Darren Cebulla1:56:40
 Judy RossDNF
 Blake & KarenOE
 AL & RossOE
White: 2.44 km
 Angela Voit  45:54
 Gail Perkins  46:46
 Jermey & Rachel Myers  55:05
 Jordon, Fred, & Evan  56:50
 Chris & Bobbie1:02:30
 Cody Taylor & Dakota Sells1:08:45
 MSHS CheerleadersDNF
 Megan's Team 1DNF
 Megan's Team 2DNF
 Nathan & GarretDNF
 Cullen James & Carrissa Inman  OE

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