Meet location: Huron Meadows

Date: October 19, 2008

Director: Bill Luitje

A club member who had not been able to participate the last time I had a meet at Huron Meadows had asked me to create another course that would make use of the beautiful and extremely complex kettle moraine on the south side of the Huron River, and I was happy to oblige. This means either getting wet crossing the river at least once or else taking a long detour to the nearest bridge on Pickens Road. There was no near flood this fall as there had been last time but, although sunny, the day was chilly. Ten people visited controls on the south side, and all but one of them made the river crossing. It seems daunting before you try it, but it is scarcely worse than crossing a mucky marsh. You really had to cross the river to do well as 40% of the points were there. The highest total you could get without crossing the river was 560, which was achieved by Lew Kidder and the Mielocks. Finding all the controls was worth 910 points, and that was achieved by Rick Waldo and Jessica Yaksic. Rick nabbed first place by finishing in a blazing 95 minutes, a mere 7 minutes faster than Jessica. On White, Chuck Newman led the winning team despite the cast on his leg occasioned by breaking his ankle while setting up his meet earlier in the fall. Also on White, Karen Smith led a contingent of young Finns around the course.


      nameraw score timepenaltyadjusted scorepoints per minute
 Rick Waldo9101:34:59 9109.6
 Jessica Yaksic9101:42:00 9108.9
 Igor Guskov8201:42:10 8208.0
 Boris Avdeev7601:46:00 7607.2
 Laurent Fournier6901:59:28 6905.8
 Mike Keating6501:57:00 6505.6
 Ryan McGee6101:59:00 6105.1
 Tom Lee5901:54:01 5905.2
 Greg Gibbard5801:56:09 5805.0
 Lew Kidder5601:13:42 5607.6
 Tim & Dave Mielock 5601:17:40 5607.2
 Mike Ryan5301:45:20 5305.0
 Fiddlesticks Team5001:09:00 5007.2
 Palmer & Ross4902:01:00104804.0
 Alan Oprsal5702:09:00904804.4
 Dick & Jennifer4602:00:00 4603.8
 Bryan Flannigan4601:59:00 4603.9
 Bob Tarabula4501:53:05 4504.0
 Heidi Snyder4301:48:20 4304.0
 Matt Johns4201:42:45 4204.1
 Diane Dangelis4001:59:00 4003.4
 Jim Pouillon Family3401:44:37 3403.2
 Tom Jameson3301:49:00 3303.0
 So What If . . .2802:00:00 2802.3
 Bill Girardin2751:05:29 2754.2
 Allan Baljeu4502:23:002302203.1
 Storey Group2001:53:00 2001.8
 Bryan & Brad4702:28:362901803.2
 Gail Perkins1801:30:00 1802.0
 Darren Don180  180 
 Kit & Nancy Moran1701:07:25 1702.5
 Sanelma Heinon1200:52:47 1202.3
 Pablo Balau100  100 
 John Duquette 90   90 

 Kid & Cripple0:39:22
 Jackie & Mark Ewbank0:42:39
 Rossio Group0:35:15
 Lisa & Pablo0:43:53
 Guzick Family0:46:20
 Tom & Ruth Piesik0:46:25
 Ben Keller1:02:20
 Karen Smith1:17:00

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