Meet location: Silver Lake

Date: November 9, 2008

Director: Mark Voit

It really was beautiful in the woods for the last SMOC meet of 2008, if you didn't mind a little snow. Runners on all courses got to enjoy the first-class marshlands around Silver Lake. One or two runners, including the meet director, ended up going a little deeper into the marshes than they counted on. Sometimes a marsh that looks like a little bit of mud covered with leaves is just that, but every once in a while the leaves are actually covering 3 to 4 feet of muddy water. The message here is to give a wide berth to marshes marked on the map as uncrossable.

Boris Avdeev, first-place runner on the Red course, won the Club Championship in 97:49, just 43 seconds faster than Igor Guskov. Mike Keating was first on Green, which didn't have any solo female runners, leaving the women's Club Championship unclaimed. Runners on the advanced courses enjoyed discussing the various route-choice options after they they had finished.

Brian Flannagan was the top Orange runner. Mike Lavaque-Manty and Feng Yi Chew teamed up for first on Yellow, while Natan and the Cripple (aka Chuck Newman) took top place on the White course.

Special thanks go to the volunteers who helped out on a chilly autumn day. Megan Donahue (who would have been a contender for the women's championship on Green if she hadn't been recovering from the New York Marathon) and Angela Voit (who enthusiastically put maps in bags and handed them out) were invaluable registration assistants. Tom Lee, Alan Oprsal, Megan Donahue, and Igov Guskov picked up controls, which is especially helpful at this time of year, when the Sun starts setting around 5 pm. Apologies go to Team Fiddlesticks and Alan Baljeau who found that the last two Orange controls had been picked up before they arrived at those locations.


 Boris Avdeev97:29 
 Igor Guskov98:12 
 Alan Oprsal102:58 
 Rick Waldo107:05 
 Greg Gibbard126:12 
 Al Newman126:57 
 Lew Kidder137:35 
 Tom Lee138:54 
 Gordon Seely164:53 
 Ryan McGee165:12 
 Rogue PenguinOE
 Chris & PattyOE
 Laurent FournierOE
 Brian RossOE
 Jim PouillonOE
 Mike Keating80:47 
 Anas Orfali88:15 
 Todd & Katie97:30 
 Art Ostaszewski & Rich Conforti109:15 
 Bob Tarabula143:38 
 Diane DeAngelis159:35 
 Brian RossOE
 Brian Flannagan106:56 
 Alan Baljeau109:37 
 Brian Tarabula121:38 
 Jim Matthews138:45 
 Kit Moran146:40 
 Robert Messer155:52 
 Dick & JenniferOE
 Eamon & Wanda DwyerOE
 Heather Kottelhorn & DmitriOE
 Mark TarabulaOE
 Team FiddlesticksOE
 Mike Lavaque-Manty & Feng Yi Chew 63:40 
 Luis Medina73:56 
 Tom & Ruth Piesik114:31 
 Natan & the Cripple54:10 
 Kim Kalish & kids66:54 
 Jesse Hatton (2)69:37 
 Troop 426107:56 
 George Payne Group (7)OE

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