Meet location: Mill Lake (Waterloo Recreation Area Headquarters)

Date: April 26, 2009

Directors: Jess Franklin and Karl Johnson

This is the last clear-view (before green leaves) spring orienteering meet. Temperature was warm, and heavy rain overnight caused only rare sprinkles during the afternoon. Hepatica, wood anemone, and marsh marigold were in full bloom.

Thanks to Dennis, Pat, Igor, Karl, and Rick for control pickup.


Red: 6.7 km, 17 controls
 Mark Voit  79:34
 Igor Guskov  84:36
 Rick Waldo  91:34
 Alan Oprsal  98:50
 Lew Kidder115:58
 Jeff McWilliams129:00
 Mike Ryan135:29
 Zandra Hudson137:00
 Ryan McGee138:24
10  Brett RobinsonDNF
11  Gordie and KristiDNF
12  Tony CharamedaDNF
Green: 5.3 km, 16 controls
 Anas Orfali  74:52
 Todd and Katie  82:10
 Megan Donahue  96:16
 Mike Keating  96:31
 Pat Murad116:55
 Gordon Seeley123:42
 Liberty Partridge136:16
 Dennis Elston150:05
 Dick Fortune164:05
10  Dale WaldoDNF
Orange: 3.6 km, 10 controls
 Tom Lee  63:11
 Green Team  77:25
 Joseph Marincel  78:59
 Art Ostaszewski  86:00
 Moran  91:48
 Jim and Cheryl  92:32
 Seth Alder and Tony Maletich102:50
 Terri and Eric117:40
Yellow: 2.8 km, 12 controls
 Rob Paterson and Angela Hart  40:02
 Anna Gerborg  47:06
 Tom and Ruth Piesik  71:53
 Meyer family  81:32
 Thornton  88:25
 Catterall  88:26
White: 1.5 km, 10 controls
 Tony Maletich  10:55
 Kalish family  32:38
 Team EVA  59:40
 John and Kim  61:32
 Saline Lightning  68:46

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