Meet location: Silver Lake

Date: May 3, 2009

Director: Igor Guskov

With weather cooperating, about eighty competitors turned up for the Silver Lake meet. Green and Orange courses seemed to be popular choices. Competition was tough on Red, and on Orange the second and fourth places were separated by mere ten seconds. Tony Maletich made it a "double sprints" day and skewed the results on White and Orange courses by winning both of them.

Several competitors on advanced courses reported problems near control 12 on Red (same as control 10 on Green). The problem was an unmapped heap of stones on the terrace halfway between the trail and the control.

The meet would not be possible without great help from Tom Lee who helped set up the courses and handled the registration. Jess Franklin gave great tips on map preparation and organizational details.

Control pickup went smoothly thanks to Alan Oprsal, Boris Avdeev, Brian Ross, Alan Baljeu, and Tom Lee.


Red: 6.7 km, 15 controls
 Mark Voit1:15:28
 Dave Eaton1:16:25
 Rick Waldo1:20:45
 Boris Avdeev1:24:59
 Alan Oprsal1:40:27
 Greg Gibbard1:47:00
 Lew Kidder1:57:00
 Jeff McWilliams2:28:31
 Jennifer McWilliamsOE
 Ben Diumstra teamOE
Green: 5.3 km, 12 controls
 Brian Ross1:17:50
 Megan Donahue1:33:17
 Mike Keating1:38:50
 Brian Halliwill1:44:40
 Richard Fortune1:47:30
 Gordon Seeley1:51:40
 Chuck Newman1:53:12
 Alan Baljeu1:58:32
 Steve Benzie2:01:15
 Wyatt & Barbra2:05:22
 Jude Halloran2:09:12
 Liberty Partridge2:19:42
 Ken Swartz2:20:35
 Robert Messer2:26:52
 Dianne Deangelis & Diana Kong team2:40:44
 Heather & Dmitri KettelhohnOE
Orange: 3.7 km, 9 controls
 Tony Maletich0:36:33
 Kit Moran1:01:15
 Joseph Marincel1:01:25
 Jess & Karl team1:01:25
 Team Fiddlesticks1:10:50
 Matt Johns1:25:15
 Rob Kempert1:25:50
 Linda's team1:48:15
 Heinonen team2:09:15
 Richard Urban2:15:22
 Pablo, Hayley, & Laura team2:19:50
 Karla KnudsonOE
 Jackie teamOE
Yellow: 2.8 km, 9 controls
 Anna Gerborg0:44:05
 Sebastian Voit1:00:27
 Trailblazer team1:15:50
 Tom & Ruth Piesik1:33:35
 Marcia Nunn1:45:30
 Anne Waldo1:45:35
 Meyer family team1:53:00
 The Millers1:57:55
 Hochster Heinonen team2:06:05
 Mike & Wyatt teamOE
White: 1.8 km, 9 controls
 Tony Maletich0:16:42
 Angela Voit0:42:48
 Ben Peterson and team0:47:00
 Serene Indigo1:02:00
 Nicholas, Matthew, & Melissa Benzie1:04:30
 Natan team1:05:50
 Kalish family team1:09:32
 Krumlauf team1:14:02

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