Meet location: Yankee Springs

Date: September 26, 2009

Director: Mike Keating

Due to its west Michigan location, Yankee Springs typically has the smallest SMOC turnouts. It rained on Friday night, but on Saturday it was overcast with no rain. The feedback was that the courses were fun and challenging. The Red, Green, and Orange courses all had routes that passed by the very interesting Devil's Soup Bowl, so those participants got a chance to look from the rim way down into the Soup Bowl.

Igor Guskov blitzed the Red course in 74:40 minutes, with Joe Burkhead in at 83:46 minutes. Al Newman started 9 minutes before Rick Waldo, but had trouble with control 4 and Rick passed him there. Then Rick had trouble on Control 6 and Al passed him back. Then Rick just passed Al back near the last control to finish about 9.5 minutes faster than Al. Jeff and Jennifer McWilliams also had a good day finishing the Red course just over 23 minutes slower than Al.

Oleg Koptlov was the best Green course finisher in 92:40 minutes followed by Mike Fleischman in 128:50 minutes. This was Mike's second SMOC meet, and he was happy with his time as it was a big improvement over his first SMOC meet. Pat Murad finished in 137:35 minutes, and Dan Ellsworth (a visitor from Alaska) finished in 166:50 minutes.

Jess Franklin and Karl Johnson finished first on the Orange course in 144:40 minutes. Luis Medina, trying an Orange course for his very first time, finished second in 193:35 minutes.

Bob Messer had the best time on the Yellow course in 66:50 minutes, followed by the father and son team of Drew and Daryl Stevenson in 73 minutes. Drew and Daryl had earlier completed their first ever White course in 40 minutes and then were doing their first every Yellow course on the same day. Mary Joscelyn was third, and the team of John, Mikala, and Johnny Rioux was fourth. Johnny Rioux, age 6, was the youngest person out on a course at this meet.

As usual, there were a number of interesting post-race route choice discussions.

My wife, Mary Jean Keating, helped immensely with control placement, registration, and setup. Joe Burkhead helped with registration, provided orienteering instruction, and helped with control pickup. Al Newman, Rick Waldo, Pat Murad, Alex Izzo, and Dan Ellsworth picked up controls. Mary Joscelyn brought SMOC newsletters to hand-out at the meet. Thank you all.


Red: 6.74 km, 13 controls
 Igor Guskov1:14:40
 Joe Burkhead1:23:46
 Rick Waldo1:50:09
 Al Newman1:59:47
 Jeff & Jennifer McWilliams2:23:10
 Alex IzzoDNF
 Andy & Patty WeeksDNF
Green: 5.16 km, 10 controls
 Oleg Koptlov1:42:40
 Mike Fleischman2:08:50
 Pat Murad2:17:35
 Dan Ellsworth 2:46:50
 Mike & Stephania KempaDNF
Orange: 4.90 km, 10 controls
 Jess Franklin & Karl Johnson2:24:40
 Luis Medina2:52:35
 Jim BolesDNF
 David EricksonDNF
Yellow: 2.72 km, 7 controls
 Robert Messer1:06:50
 Drew & Daryl Stevenson1:13:00
 Mary Joscelyn 1:16:00
 John, Mikala, & Johnny Rioux1:27:00
 Becca Burkhead1:46:00
White: 1.84 km, 6 controls
 Drew & Daryl Stevenson0:40:00
 Lucy Stoops1:28:00

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