Meet location: Waterloo Recreation Area Headquarters

Date: October 18, 2009

Directors: Igor Guskov and Linda Burke

We had a beautiful day and a strong field of orienteers: seventeen entries in the Red course, fifteen in the Green, and fourteen in the Orange!

The Kalish family won the White course, and Phil and Deanna won the Yellow. Chuck Newman dominated the Orange competition, while Pat Murad had a clean winning run on the Green. Carl Arevang won the Red course.

Control pickup went smoothly thanks to Mark Voit, Megan Donahue, Rick Waldo, Tom and Gabe Svobodny, Jess Franklin, Alan Baljeu, Dennis Elston, and Pat Murad. Special thanks to Joe Burkhead for vetting the Green and Red courses.


Red: 6.8 km, 15 controls
Carl Arevang1:09:32
Thomas Svobodny1:18:25
Mark Voit1:18:36
Rick Waldo1:22:02
Gabe Svobodny1:23:06
Alan Newman1:35:47
Oleg Koptelov1:54:30
Alex Izzo2:05:04
Matt Johnson2:16:50
Ryan McGee2:20:18
Lew Kidder2:36:25
Jeff McWilliams2:39:05
Alan Baljeu2:46:36
Gordon SeeleyDNF
Steve & Terry KaczorDNF
Brian RossDNF
Steve BenzieDSQ
Green: 5.4 km, 11 controls
Pat Murad1:24:39
Green Dragons1:39:15
Thomas Lee1:40:15
Megan Donahue1:43:43
Mike Keating1:46:56
Roddy Wares1:52:36
Anas Orfali & Yuki (the dog)1:59:11
Brian Delaney2:09:08
Matt Johns2:13:10
David Ives & Becky Krick2:46:35
Dennis Elston2:57:48
Thien NguyenDNF
Dave MorrisDNF
Orange: 4.2 km, 10 controls
Chuck Newman1:21:30
Jess & Karl1:35:21
Wyatt, Barbra, & Patrick1:51:45
Phil & Deanna1:55:45
Jim Pouillon2:18:05
Dick Fortune2:35:40
Richard Urban2:54:15
Heather Guzick2:54:23
Jim & Cheryl2:54:50
Mike Malaga3:28:31
Dan Schrode3:48:01
Kit MoranDNF
Laura BuhlDNF
Yellow: 2.4 km, 8 controls
Phil & Deanna0:58:34
Julie Sigda & Michael Sherman1:02:36
Rioux Family1:03:45
Sebastian Voit1:05:08
Roston & Thompson1:06:45
Cathy Susan1:14:00
Eva Solomon1:18:05
Great Lakes Adventure Club1:30:50
Fanelli Team1:51:19
Cathie ZmcehinskiDNF
Tom & Ruth PiesikDNF
White: 1.6 km, 7 controls
The Kalish Family0:42:34
Angela Voit0:45:00
Garwood Family0:45:30
Laurent & Diana & Raphael0:46:55
Irene, Kellie, & Laura0:47:47
Linda Fredriksson0:55:05
Deer Team1:34:28
Austin Thakur1:44:12

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