Meet location: Pontiac lake

Date: November 1, 2009

Directors: Mark Voit

The wind stopped blowing, the clouds parted, and the crowd who came to orienteer at Pontiac Lake enjoyed a beautiful late fall day in the woods. For the first time in many seasons, we were able to stage a meet out of Pontiac's campground area, giving us access to some of the most open woods on this world-class map. David Eaton took full advantage of those conditions, blazing to victory on Red in an impressive time of 66:52. Yuki was the first canine finisher on Green, pulling Anas Orfali through the forest in a time of 83:15. Phil and Deanna Otte completed an Orange/Yellow double by leading the way on the Orange course. Bill Girardin was first on Yellow, and Amber McLincha was first on White. The Orange course was unfortunately compromised, as the control flag for point 5 mysteriously shifted 100 meters west from a rockpile to a trail on Halloween night. Spooky!

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped make this meet happen, and especially those who helped monitor the campground gate at the end of the day: Lew Kidder, Mike Keating, and Alan Baljeau. They stepped up to answer a last-minute request by the rangers, who did not want anyone other than orienteers to enter the campground area. Thanks also to Megan Donahue for her indispensable help in running registration. And finally, thanks to the control pickup crew: Rick Waldo, Alan Baljeau, Tom Lee, Pat Murad, Bill Luitje, Alex Izzo, and Dennis Elston. Having many hands to help was especially useful, given how low the sun was in the sky near the end of this first afternoon back on standard time.


Red: 7.0 km, 15 controls
David Eaton66:52
Rick Waldo79:34
Matt Ross85:03
Al Newman94:50
Cooper & Michelle Green97:07
Brian Ross106:54
Lew Kidder110:38
Boris Avdeev113:29
Jeff McWilliams117:06
Alex Izzo144:50
Oleg Koptelov145:31
Tony Misovski161:09
Greg & Katie Bunkowsky172:30
Jeff & Jens177:00
Tina CoughleyOE
Kathy DeSnyderOE
Gary & Marcia HarringtonOE
Yuri KalishOE
Green: 4.9 km, 10 controls
Anas Orfali & Yuki83:17
Pat Murad86:23
Nori Uchida87:47
Bill Luitje90:28
Mike Keating94:33
Todd, Katie, & Ryan97:32
Megan Donahue100:33
Chuck Newman102:28
Bill Scanlan115:18
Tom Lee119:48
Dennis Elston135:03
Joseph Marincel136:56
Bob Tarabula145:45
Jason & Tara Culbert153:37
K. C. & JennyOE
Orange: 3.5 km, 9 controls
Phil & Deanna Otte81:30
Team Finger136:30
Michael Malaga102:52
Matthew & Erica106:50
Don Schrode109:52
Alex Chavez125:52
Yelena Avdeeva127:50
Lana Krolikowski & Carol133:53
Pablo Medina137:15
Rick Urban142:15
Troop 134 Old Farts181:42
Yellow: 2.9 km, 10 controls
BIll Girardin70:16
Phil & Deanna Otte79:20
Kirkpatrick & Key105:55
Colin's Family106:20
Tom & Ruth Piesik136:35
RJ & TylerOE
Noah & PatrickOE
Aaron & EricOE
Tim Cassetti GroupOE
David WiltsieOE
Shawn EldonOE
White: 2.1 km, 7 controls
Amber McLincha67:27
Bev & Heather69:54
Ken Hamilton Group74:19
Daniel & Hima104:00
Stephanie Guerrero & Katie Merritt106:08
Pelfry Team115:36
Patty Horts128:30
Laura Sabourin140:04
Fay & KayOE
Katie Schneider & Erin ParkerOE
Alan SorrellsOE

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