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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Yankee Springs
May 22

Meet Director Mike Keating Assisted by Joe Burkhead

The morning started out foggy with wet woods, but the conditions got better and better as the day progressed. By mid-afternoon it was a beautiful sunny day with dry woods. For the most part the courses were laid out through nice open woods, which made for great orienteering. A couple of people, Chris Svoboda and Rich Gaylord, from the Chicago Orienteering Club came over to enjoy the excellent orienteering terrain at Yankee Springs.

Mark Voit had a clean run on Red to finish first with a time of 60 minutes 31 seconds. Dave Eaton was second at 64 minutes and 39 seconds. On Green, Roddy Wares finished first in 95 minutes 32 seconds, followed by Pat Murad in 102 minutes 47 seconds. On Orange, Chuck Newman was first in 75 minutes 15 seconds followed by Tim Bulten in 100 minutes 50 seconds. On Yellow, the Rioux Force Team (Mikala and Johnny) were first in 52 minutes 24 seconds followed by Brett and Robin Baker in 56 minutes 40 seconds. On White, the Salinda & Koert team was first in 44 minutes 53 seconds followed by Christina Zinn in 54 minutes 40 seconds. This was Christina’s first orienteering experience and after further instruction she also went back out and successfully completed the Yellow course.

Thanks going to the following: Mary Jean Keating and Joe Burkhead for assisting with registration, and to Joe Burkhead for providing orienteering instruction and also helping with control and sign pickup; Pat Murad for providing orienteering instruction; Mikala Rioux, Mark Voit, Alex Izzo, Dave Eaton, and Rick Waldo for helping with control pickup. Also acknowledgements to the Chicago people, Chris Svoboda and Rich Gaylord, who volunteered to help with control pickup and stayed around to make sure we didn’t need any other help.

There were a number of kids on the teams that did the White and Yellow courses and they appeared to have a fun time. Many of the runners, especially those that did the Red Course, stayed around and had lively discussions on their route choices. It was a really enjoyable day.

Mark Voit  60:31:00
Dave Eaton 64:39:00
Rick Waldo 72:31:00
Carl Arevang 77:48:00
Chris Svoboda 80:18:00
Igor Guskov 82:20:00
Al Newman 84:28:00
Joe Burkhead 87:25:00
Alex Izzo 125:13:00
Larry Duffield & Rich Lee DNF
Brian Harbaugh DNF
Tom Lee DNF
Roddy Wares 95:32:00
Pat Murad 102:47:00
Oleg Kopterov 106:54:00
Rich Gaylord 120:06:00
Jeff McWilliams 142:22:00
Gary Read & Niki 142:22:00
Elizabeth Swift DNF
Chuck Newman 75:15:00
Tom Bulten 100:50:00
Kurt Rizley 102:25:00
Great Lakes Adventure Club  111:50:00
Suzanne Izzo 151:11:00
Becca Burkhead DNF
Mike & Stephanie Kempa DNF
Rioux Force (Mikala & Johnny) 52:24:00
Brett & Robin Baker 56:40:00
Daryl & Drew Stevenson 63:32:00
Janice Rock 70:38:00
Mary Joselyn & Catherine Roberts  73:09:00
Christina Zinn 94:30:00
Salinda & Koert 44:53:00
Christina Zinn 54:40:00
Lisa Bulten 75:00:00
Jessica Wesel & the Peace People 104:40:00