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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Pontiac Lake
November 13, 2010

Even as far back as the previous Sunday rain was predicted to move in late Saturday afternoon or early evening threatening the 2hr 6-8 p.m. score-O. Fortunately, the rain held off, except for a few sprinkles at the 6pm briefing. Skies were overcast hiding the half moon, and temps were about 50F, overall, near perfect conditions.

Fifty orienteers in 28 teams came out for this last event of the year. Thirty-three controls with values from 4 to 8 totaling 191 points were spread out in the northwestern part of the Pontiac Lake map. There was a 6-point per minute penalty for finishing after 2 hours. I thought the course was clearable, even with the expert level controls interspersed in the complex glacial terrain southeast and west of the campgrounds. I was a little worried about how these controls would be met by the navigators, as even in the daytime they required close map contact. They were much harder to find at night. Fortunately, the forests in these areas were open with almost little of the thick summer undergrowth. Four teams either found all, or all but one, of the 6 western controls (71, 61, 70, 80, 84, 63), and 5 teams found all 6 of the southeastern controls (82, 53, 84, 83, 55, 74). Two teams (Mark Voit, and Luke and Stacey Osborn) got all 12 controls in these two areas.

Carl Averung and Mark Voit had a close race for first with Carl getting the win by one control. Carl said he might have swept the course except for mistakes at #71 which cost him the time to get 3 remaining low point controls in the campground area, which he deduced he had to skip at the end to make the cutoff.

Thanks are due to the following people who helped make this event happen:

Paul Piorkowski, Mary Beth Waldo, and Tom Lee helped out at registration. Mary Beth made oatmeal and raisin cookies for the finishers. Don Jones, Paul, and Mary Beth helped log in finishers. Paul helped with field checking and flag setting. Later in the evening after everyone left, Paul and I picked up about half the flags in the intermittent rain which had moved in. Tom Lee came out Sunday morning and picked up the remaining flags.

Lost and Found: There was black headband left at the finish; drop me an e-mail and I will mail it to you.

1 Carl Averung 1:57:30 167
2 Mark Voit 2:00:40 158 (164-6)
3 Luke and Stacey Osborn 1:58:10 127
4 Tom Svobodny 1:50:30 105
5 Matt Johnson 1:49:40 101
6 Wyatt Hazlett and John Jackson 1:59:50 84
7 Joe Lee and Mark Todd 2:03:30 84 (108-24)
8 Roddy Wares and Al Newman 1:57:20 75
9 Oleg Koptelov 1:53:00 74
10 Brian Halliwill and Bob Lombard 1:54:00 72
11 Joe Chemler 2:00:40 67 (73-6)
12 Gary and Marcia Harrington 1:50:10 66
13 Tony Liscio, Erin McGinley Joe Fedullo 1:52:20 66
14 Dave and Kris Verschoor 1:55:20 66
15 Tom Lee 2:01:30 62 (74-12)
16 Mike and Marie Martinko 1:48:30 61
17 Jess Franklin and Karl Johnson 1:49:20 61
18 Brian Delaney 2:00:00 60
19 Bob Tarabula 1:38:40 52
20 Jeff and Jenn McWilliams and Krisanne Schmidt 1:44:40 49
21 Great Lakes Adventure Club 1:53:50 49
22 Don Jones 1:38:00 45
23 Liz and Jim Cahill 1:56:30 45
24 Jason Culbert 1:48:30 43
25 Chuck Newman 1:46:40 42
26 Nick Prestel 1:45:20 35
27 Bob and Robby Climie 2:13:00 No score reported (6 controls)
28 Paul Johnson 1:48:50 No score reported