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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Silver Lake O-Meet
October 16, 2011
Meet Director: Lew Kidder

A small field appeared to contest the fall 2011 meet at Silver Lake, missing an almost perfect October afternoon. Some placed blame on the early morning gloom and occasional spatter of rain, but the smart money tagged the Lions, who were actually winning games for the first time in this millennium. At any rate, only 42 living souls actually set out on one of the four courses.

In the space of one year, electronic timing has become a club staple for the red and green courses. The benefits are many, including instant results, precise splits, and making sure controls were visited in the proper order. Igor Guskov has been the club leader for the project and usually has the complete results up on “win splits” within 24 hours.

As a visit to this week’s electronic results will reveal, a single control (#7 on green, #9 on red) proved the most difficult to solve. Dubbed by several as a typical “Lew Kidder” location, it was snugged within the many large and spreading branches of a quite sizeable fallen tree and could only be seen from one direction. A few competitors were sure the flag should have been hung so that it was visible from all directions, while others with European experience thought it met their standard. Kidder appeared unmoved by the controversy.

Yellow (5 people)
1 T. & Q 56:23
2 Gordon Swirls 1:00:40
3 Tom & Ruth Piesik 1:21:48

Orange (18 people)
1 Matt Johnson 51:41
2 Jess Franklin & Karl Johnson 1:19:25
3 Kit & Nancy Moran 1:22:00
4 Terri Franklin & Kristen Tebo 1:24:20
5 Bruce & Chris Arnold 1:44:05
6 Rich Nemith 1:44:25
7 Bob & Rob Climie 2:07:00
8 David & Raphael Lame 2:15:50
9 Lynn LeAnnais 2:22:33
10 Sarah & Brendon Bernstein OE
11 Dick Fortune OE

1 Mike Keating 1:21.41
2 Charles Newman 1:28.04
3 Joe Chemler 1:33.30
4 Joseph Marincel 1:45.43
5 Pat Murad 1:48.47
6 Alan Baljeu 2:00.42
7 Bob Tarabula 2:29.58

1  Igor Guskov 1:03.18
2 Andrew Rowan 1:23.33
3 Chris Svoboda 1:23.59
4 Rick Waldo 1:29.26
5 Thomas Lee 1:53.32
6 Jeff McWilliams & Ken Lemieux 1:56.56
7 Alex Izzo 2:00.09
8 Peter Grambe 2:00.20
9 Nick Stremer 2:22.33
  Jens Christensen OE