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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Haven Hill O-Meet
October 23, 2011
Meet Director: Mike Keating

It was a beautiful sunny day, and the woods were perfect for orienteering. Many leaves were down so visibility was good, and yet with the remaining leaves the woods still looked nice. Also undergrowth was greatly reduced so running was good in most places. Many participants saw deer in the woods. While setting controls on Saturday, I saw a nice buck, a number of does, many ducks, and one garter snake.
About 60 people came out to orienteer (I don’t have the exact sheet in hand as I write this report), including a sizable scout group. 2 dogs went along orienteering.
On White, Megan Ross & Atlas (the largest dog to orienteer on this day) finished first in 31 minutes 58 seconds. Mary Joeslyn came in second in 37 minutes 2 seconds. (Mary went out last on white and was handicapped by picking up the majority of the white controls.)
Yellow had the largest number of participants, although many went in groups. The Meyer family with the youngest sprinting in at the end finished first in 42 minutes and 43 seconds. Bil Girardin came in second in 53 minutes flat. The scout teams were well organized, enthusiastic, and had a good time.
On Orange, Bob Waddell was first in 1 hour 46 minutes 17 seconds, with Alan Baljeu second in 1 hour 53 minutes 15 seconds.
Green had the largest number of DNFs. Matt Meyer finished first in1 hour 38 minutes 49 seconds (after also finishing first with his family on yellow). Matt said this was his first orienteering meet after about a 20 year hiatus. We’ll be looking forward to seeing more of Matt. Second went to Gordon Seeley in 2 hours 1 minute 46 seconds. The spread between second place and sixth place was only about 10 minutes. Control 10, a saddle on haven hill, resulted in changes in the second through fourth place order.
On red, Igor Guskov was in a tight battle with Matt Ross through 8 controls, and then Igor finished strong for first place.
The first four controls were the same on the Red and Green Courses. Four Red participants had major problems finding control 4 (a clearing). All Green participants were faster to the clearing than those four on the red course. The most troublesome control for the green participants was control 7, a re-entrant.
Special thanks go to my wife Mary Jean, who assisted with setting out controls on Saturday and well as helping to run the meet on Sunday. Also special thanks to Tom Lee who came early to give the scouts instructions in compass and map reading, as well as instruction with orienteering symbols. Tom also helped pick up controls. Thanks to Mary Joeslyn helped Mary Jean with registration and also helped pick up white controls. Thanks to the other volunteers for control pickup: Mike Ryan, Joe Chemler, Igor Guskov, Andrew Rowan, and Alan Baljeu. Alex Izzo came too late to participate on the courses, but did cheerfully help with control pickup. (Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone). Also thanks to the park rangers for bring us boxes of snacks to complement the apples and cookies that we already had.
All controls were where they were supposed to be. There was some critical feedback on the Haven Hill map. Some vegetation areas have changed, and some trails are now only rarely used and so are much more indistinct than the map shows. It would be nice to get the Haven Hill map updated.

1 Megan Ross & Atlas 31:58
2 Mary Joeslyn  37:02
3 David Kelley Group  OE

YELLOW     2.89 K     8 controls
1 Meyer Family 42:43
2 Bill Girardin 53:00
3 Collins Family 1:01:28
4 Team Tiggles 1:03:53
5 Team Fish 1:14:17
6 Team TQ 1:33:19
7 Team X 1:33:23
8 Tom & Ruth Piesik 1:58:35

1 Bob Waddell 1:46:17
2 Alan Baljeu 1:53:15
3 Katrin Schille 1:55:59
4 Bob Climie 2:20:21
5 Lynn LeAnnais 2:24:20
6 Jim Miller & Dan Schrode 3:10:20
7 Ed & Laurie and Mark & Barb OE

1 Matt Meyer 1:35:30
2 Gordon Seeley 2:01:46
3 Joe Chemler 2:02:47
4 John Jones 2:06:13
5 Joe Marincel  2:10:10
6 Bob Tarabula  2:11:34
7 Brian Delaney MP
8 Brain Haliwill  DNF
9 Al Newman  DNF
10 Chuck Newman DNF
11 Roddy Wares DNF
12 Marsha & Gary Harrrington OE

RED     6.66 K     14 controls
1 Igor Guskov 1:09:40
2 Matt Ross 1:14:44
3 Lew Kidder 1:46:34
4 Wangki Yuen 1:51:50
5 Tom Lee 1:52:55
6 Matt Johns 2:37:56
7 Mike Ryan 3:22:46
8 Andrew Rowan MP