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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Huron Meadows Score-O
April 15, 2012
Meet Director: Jens Christiansen and Chuck Newman

Despite earlier claims (posted from sunny Orlando) on SMOC's Facebook page that there was a possibility of staying dry, meet director Chuck Newman and co-director Jens Christiansen awoke to thunder on Sunday morning, and feared they might be lonely at the Cedar Ridge pavilion in Huron Meadows Metropark. However, 68 tough people thumbed their noses at the storms to participate in a 30 control score o course with a 90 minute limit. 340 points were possible, with controls ranging from 5-20 points and a 5 point penalty for each minute late, rounded up. The straight line distance to clear the course was estimated to be nearly ten kilometers. Maps were pre-printed and participants could strategize off the clock.

Originally, plans called for disqualifying anyone who came back soaked as having crossed to CH through the Huron River, which was declared out of bounds. That was soon scrapped as the heavens opened and everyone came back drenched.

Mark Voit would weather the course and elements most successfully, grabbing all 30 controls with just 57 seconds to spare, impressive time management given his watch died sometime earlier on the course. Showing no signs of jet lag after recently arriving from Australia, Andrew Rowan ran to a strong second, punching 29 controls with over three minutes to spare. Igor Guskov wins the buzzer beater prize, as his third place run ended just nine seconds before the limit. Course setters had hotly debated the time limit earlier, and were pleased to see that everyone was equally stressed about returning on time.

Twenty-six teams took advantage of the newly possible e punch option for score o, following the club's recent acquisition of ten more punch stations. By luck rather than design, the 30 control course matched the 30 control capacity of the club's SI punch sticks. You are welcome to post control order commentary on the Facebook page or Google+ pages.

A white course was drafted using controls set on or near the southern part of the Moraine Fen trail (controls 31 through 36); veteran navigator Bill Scanlan and his son Taylor breezed through in about fifteen minutes before continuing on for some score o. Tom Cores narrowly edged out Nancy Resnick 28:14 to 30:06 for second.

The meet staff was very happy to see all the first timers who came out, especially given the conditions, and hope they will try another meet soon. Some of those will not be so wet; we swear!

Special thanks to Don Jones who showed up and was immediately placed in charge of registration. Many thanks also to the control pickup team. Matt Ross and John Hordos were recruited after their post race picnic, and grabbed almost all of the controls north of Hammel road. Andrew Rowan and Rick Waldo also helped. Mark Voit and Megan Donahue celebrated the win by wading through brambles and swamps for flags in the southeast. This freed up a course setter to turn on his gps and retrieve #40, a distinct tree along the Huron River, which was the most contentious in post-race discussion. Also, thanks to Igor Guskov, who processed the e punch results immediately after the data was available.

Mark Voit 340 340 1:29:03 32,31,33,34,35,38,50,42,51,RE,XY,AG,MW,CK,39,BQ,
Andrew Rowan 330 330 1:26:53 31,32,33,34,35,38,45,47,48,50,42,51,RE,44,XY,
Igor Guskov 310 310 1:29:51 31,32,33,34,35,45,47,38,50,44,42,51,RE,XY,AG,
MW,CK, 39,BQ,48,AJ,43,AA,AH,37,49,36,46
Cooper Green 290 310 1:33:21 36,37,AA,CH,43,AJ,AH,45,47,48,50,44,BQ,39,CK,
Rick Waldo 270 270 1:29:22


Matthew Ross 245 285 1:37:04 40,46,37,AH,43,AA,CH,AJ,39,CK,MW,AG,XY,RE,51,42,
Dave 235 1:25:48
Jeff McWilliams & Ken Lemieux 235 235 1:27:07 40,46,36,37,AH,AA,CH,43,AJ,48,BQ,44,RE,51,42,50,38,
Lew Kidder 215 215 1:27:13 31,32,33,34,35,38,42,51,AG,MW,XY,RE,44,BQ,48,47,AJ,43,AA,37
Thomas Lee 210 210 1:14:02 40,46,36,49,37,AH,AA,43,AJ,48,BQ,44,RE,51,42,38,35,34,33,32,31
Sean 195 230 1:36:55 36,35,38,42,51,AG,MW,XY,RE,44,50,48,AJ,43,CH,AA,AH,37
Steve Garrison 185 1:27:29
Joseph Marcinel 185 185 1:29:06 36,49,37,45,47,48,50,44,RE,XY,AG,51,42,38,35,34,33,32,31
Matt Johns 180 180 1:23:58 36,49,35,34,38,42,51,XY,44,50,48,AJ,43,AA,AH,37,46
Jess & Karl Franklin 170 170 1:19:33 31,32,33,34,35,38,42,51,RE,XY,AG,MW,44,50,48,36
Joe & Anne 170 1:25:12
Pat Murad 170 170 1:25:36 31,32,33,34,35,49,45,47,48,50,44,BQ,AJ,43,AA,AH,37,36
Mike Burgess 170 170 1:25:41 40,46,36,37,AH,AA,CH,43,AJ,48,50,42,38,34,33,32,31
Elana 165 1:30:13
Lion Tamers 165 205 1:37:21 31,32,33,34,35,38,50,42,51,AG,MW,XY,RE,44,BQ,AJ,43,37,36
Tom & Mary 160 160 1:29:13 31,32,33,34,35,38,42,51,AG,CK,39,BQ,48,50,47,45
Michelle Green 160 160 1:25:44 36,37,AH,AA,43,AJ,39,CK,XY,RE,48,35,34,33,32,31
Jeff Williams & Shane Brezee 155 155 1:26:09 40,46,36,49,37,AH,AA,43,AJ,48,BQ,44,42,38,35
Mike Li & friends 150 150 1:25:58 40,46,37,AH,AA,43,AJ,48,47,45,35,34,33,49,36,31,32
Gordon Seeley 150 150 1:23:20 31,32,33,34,35,38,50,42,51,RE,44,BQ,48,47,35,36
Slane Family 140 140 1:20:30 31,32,33,34,35,38,42,50,48,43,AA,AH,37,49,36,46
Movau 130 1:02:40
Wyatt, Patrick, Barbra 130 130 1:27:31 40,46,36,49,37,AH,AA,43,AJ,48,47,35,34,31
Bill & Taylor Scanlan 115
All Terrain Fit Club 105 1:22:55
Enginvalds 100 1:27:17
Mike 90 1:26:54
John Hordos 90 165 1:44:37 31,32,33,34,35,38,42,AG,MW,XY,RE,44,BQ,AJ,37,36
Robert Messer 85 115 1:35:22 46,36,37,AH,AA,43,AJ,48,50,42,35
Don Jones 70 1:27:50
Drew & M 65 1:12:27
Jason Pasinetti 60 1:26:25
Tom & Tom 45 1:15:46
Nancy Resnick 40 0:56:41
Rick Neiveth 40 1:36:08
Heidi 25 0:37:00
Dennis Elston -15 185 2:09:34 40,46,49,35,45,47,50,44,RE,XY,AG,51,42,38,34,33,32,31