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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Pontiac Lake O-Meet
April 22, 2012
Meet Director: Tony Misovski & Mark Voit

It's hard to remember another SMOC meet with so many people attending. Why such a turnout? Well, Pontiac Lake is nationally famous for having world-class orienteering terrain. Also, the weather was terrific. Maybe a little windy, but who cares when you're deep in the woods. But the main factor in the turnout may have been the navigation clinic that was put on in conjunction with the meet by our friends at Infiterra Sports and some other leaders of the local adventure-racing community. In all, we had 84 people try the regular course (including 27 on Red alone!) and 48 more attending the navigation clinic.

Tom Svobodny, visiting from Ohio, had the best run of the day, finishing the 6.2 km Red course in 68:50. Last week's meet director Jens Christiansen was the top finisher on Green in 66:08 (after some Monday-evening training locating a lost epunch box in a Huron Meadows swamp -- yes folks, miracles do happen). Jess Franklin and Karl Johnson were the fastest finishers on Orange. Tony & Nichole (whose last names went unrecorded) were the leaders on Yellow. Megan Ross and her very large dog were first on White.

Tony Misovski was officially the assistant meet director but ended up doing much of the work. The basic course design was his, with a little tuning up from titular meet director Mark Voit. We got lots of compliments on the courses, except perhaps from the people who made some unfortunate navigational mistakes. Such as Matt Ross, who came flying into the finish in under an hour on Red, only to find he had skipped the whole western loop of the course. (Epunching can be unforgiving that way.) And Michael Li, who blew past the final control while finishing on Green.

We hope some of the adventure racers coming to a SMOC meet for the first time enjoyed it enough to return in the near future. Our club is certainly benefiting from the enthusiasm of our adventure-racing members who have stepped up to play a bigger role in putting on some meets. Anyone who has not yet volunteered to help with a meet should keep in mind that assisting an experienced meet director in setting a slate of courses can be akin to getting a master's course in map reading and navigation.

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Megan Ross 40:44:00
Jeff Kniola team (3) 64:30:00
William Otwell & Matthew Lester 81:00:00
Catherine Burkell 97:00:00
Tom & Sean Kelly OE
Tony & Nichole 65:00:00
Bill Girardin 65:38:00
Nancy Resnick 76:20:00
Kent & Kendall Cassella 86:47:00
Bob & Rob  94:40:00
Bruce & Logan   99:30:00
Dan Seheer   117:30:00
Darren Soukoup & Family (3)   OE
Jeff Kniola team (3)   OE
Jess Franklin & Karl Johnson  65:13:00
John Jones   65:30:00
John & Michaela Rioux  66:56:00
Ann Torrez   69:58:00
Alan Baljeau   73:10:00
Petter Irgens 95:23:00
Diane, Larry, Alex   99:50:00
Kyle Rocheleau & Tom 104:59:00
Bob Waddell 106:23:00
Igor Klimchynski & Elena Gapova   111:44:00
Ken Jones   145:20:00
Tony Golemiewski  & Greg Willem   151:38:00
Jens Christiansen   66:08:00
Cooper Green   71:42:00
Bill Scanlan   84:23:00
Megan Donahue   95:01:00
Mike Keating   95:34:00
Dale Waldo & James Ryszawa   128:19:00
Chuck Newman   132:07:00
Jeff WIlliams   OE
Michael Li   OE
Suzanne Izzo  OE
Bob & Jessica   OE
Tom Svobodny   68:50:00
Igor Guskov   74:45:00
Andrew Rowan   75:14:00
Gabe Svobodny   75:25:00
Rick Waldo   82:32:00
Tom Lee   89:35:00
Matt Johns   98:34:00
Matt Ross   102:36:00
Lew Kidder   104:38:00
Alex Izzo   116:02:00
Sean Torrez   130:13:00
Mike de Bolt   145:28:00
Mike Ryan   179:04:00
Ati Tislerics   175:30:00
Jeana   182:00:00
Don Jones   191:24:00
Joe Chemler team (2) 192:02:00
Ian Somerville  OE
Mike Burgess OE
Ken Lemieux   OE
Andrew Weeks   OE
Cris & Zandra Cataldo OE
Dave & Jake   OE
Michelle Green   OE