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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Halfmoon Lake O-Meet
April 29, 2012
Meet Director: Igor Guskov

The weather was nice and we had a pretty good turnout at Halfmoon Lake event. Seventeen entries on Red, seventeen entries on Green, and crowded on Orange and Yellow as well. The advanced courses went around Crooked Lake, with the Red course doing another loop below Pickerel Lake. The shorter courses stayed close to Pickerel Lake.

Andrew Rowan had a very good run on the Red course, finishing 7.5K course just under 85 minutes. Tom Lee won the Green course, and Chemler team won the Orange. The best e-punch result was shared on Orange by Slane and Hamilton teams though, who punched within a second of each other. Sebastian Voit finished first on the Yellow course. We also had visitors from Illinois and Ohio taking some high spots on the advanced courses.

Great thanks to Janice Kessler for handling registration, and to all the control (and other stuff) pickup helpers: Jens Christiansen, Ed O'Brien, Tom Lee, Rick Waldo, Andrew Rowan, and Alan Baljeu. We are also lucky to have Cooper Green doing navigation instruction, thanks!

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Sebastian Voit 69:25:00
Ross Team 75:35:00
Angela Voit&Isabella Wynn 80:57:00
Hamilton Y-Team 91:05:00
Fun Club Team 92:26:00
Peanut Butter Bananas  113:30:00
Venturing Crew 1716 161:00:00
Nancy Resnick OE
Tom&Ruth Piesik OE
Chemler Team 74:45:00
Bob Climie 75:47:00
Slane Team 84:25:00
Hamilton Team #1 84:26:00
Hamilton Team #2 88:39:00
Fiddlesticks Team 89:30:00
Moran Team 95:15:00
McDaniels Team 98:40:00
Greg Bunkosky 109:55:00
Nicodemus Team 111:03:00
Rich Nemith 111:15:00
Klimchynski Team 129:01:00
Greg Willem 129:01:00
Heidi Team 133:40:00
Dick Fortune & Judy OE
Steve Garrison OE
Brown Course (3.8K, 8 controls)
Ed O'Brien OE
Thomas Lee 75:32:00
Bruce Metz 88:06:00
San Nadon-Nichols 106:18:00
Lew Kidder 110:29:00
Pat Murad 117:04:00
Dennis Elston 128:16:00
Mike Keating 128:36:00
Jeff & Jennifer 138:31:00
Megan Donahue 138:36:00
Gordon Seeley 143:57:00
Rioux Team 164:01:00
Vince Schrand OE
Alan Baljeu OE
Mike Fleischman OE
Roddy Wares OE
Andrew Metz OE
Red Course (7.5K, 18 controls)
Andrew Rowan 84:58:00
Mark Voit 88:44:00
Tom Svobodny 92:39:00
Matthew Ross 113:02:00
Jens Christiansen 115:50:00
Al Newman 116:30:00
Cooper Green 125:59:00
Michael Li 151:20:00
Matt Johns 165:07:00
Ethan &  Natalie 207:59:00
Tina Coughley 215:00:00
Williams Team OE
Somerville Team OE
Jeff Williams OE
Don Jones OE
Shane Brezee OE
Rick Waldo OE
Alex Izzo OE