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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Pontiac Lake O-Meet
May 11, 2013
Meet Director: Jens Christionsen

The weather Saturday was looking none too promising in the morning, but around 1pm the sun broke through the clouds and runners were treated to chilly but beautiful weather to enjoy/suffer the hilly terrain of Pontiac Rec Area. Despite the cold weather, spring has arrived, with leaves and underbrush coming in quickly over the last week. Runners were also treated to a variety of spring wildflowers along the course.

On the Red course, Mark Voit ran the course first and put down a time that held up through the day for the win. Igor Gustov took 2nd and Joseph Burkhead took 3rd

Tiza Cruz-Gonzalez had the fastest time on the Green Course, followed by Chuck Newman and Oleg Koptelov

The two person team of Nicholas Stremer and Jessica Gibson took 1st place on Orange, followed by the team of Jennifer Kilbourne and Barbara Ness May. Michael Keating took 3rd, managing a good time despite recovering from knee surgery.

Micah Resnick and Kimberly Lilly won on the Yellow course, followed by Les Howard (and Dog) and the Raver Family

Dennis and Ryan Weaver were the winners of the White course. Dennis and Ryan also stayed and helped with registration. Catherine Roberts and Mary Joselyn took 2nd place. Honorable mention to Tony Misovski and his daughter Angela who went out early to place the CPs on white course.

A big thank you to Igor Gustov, Ian and Julie Somerville, Barbara Niess May, and Jennifer Kilbourne for staying late and helping us pick up controls. Also, thanks to Tony Misovski and John Jones for their help scouting and setting the courses. Finally thanks to Jens Christiansen for showing me the ropes of meet directing (and honesly, doing all the dirty work), I had a lot of fun and learned a lot as well.

This was my first crack at course designs, so any feedback on any of the 5 courses would be very much appreciated. Hope it was fun for everyone!

Electronic results are posted at Winsplits Online

Place Name  Finish Time
Mark Voit 01:26.5
Igor Guskov 01:38.3
Joseph Burkhead 01:45.4
Matthew Ross 02:04.5
Rick Waldo 02:07.5
Alex Izzo 02:08.1
Ian & Julie Somerville 03:04.2
John Jones 03:10.2
Joseph Chemler 03:20.4
Mike Ryan 03:25.0
  Some Unknown Team  
  Brian Warner  

Green Course
Place Name  Finish time 
1 Tiza Cruz-Gonzalez 01:58.0
2 Charles Newman 02:32.1
3 Oleg Koptelov 02:35.2
4 William Pelletier 04:58.2
  Greg Willem -
  Jeff Williams -

Orange Course
Place Name  Finish time 
Nicholas Stremer & Jessica Gibson 01:24.1
Jennifer Kilbourne & Barbara Niess May 01:48.3
Mike Keating 02:24.6
James Boles 02:30.1

Yellow Course
Place Name  Finish time 
1 Micah Resnick & Kimberly Lilly 01:10.5
2 Les Howard 01:24.4
3 Ken Raver Team 01:28.4
4 Green Family 01:53.1
5 Heath Krumlauf Team 01:53.6
6 Brent & Ryan Archer 02:13.4
  Bill Girardin -