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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Peach Mountain Line-O
September 7, 2013
Meet Directors: Alex Izzo
Assisted by Mary Joscelyn and Oleg Koptelov

As is generally his custom, the meet director used an unusual format. The courses offered were White (2.3 km), Yellow (4.2 km), Short Line O (3.4 km), and Long Line O (4.8 km). For the line O, a route was marked on the map but no controls were marked. The instructions for the line O courses were to follow the marked route and mark on the map the locations of the bags found along the route while being careful not to mark any bags found off the route. (A red pen was provided at each bag.) A penalty of 30 minutes was applied for each missed or incorrect bag marked, and a 15 minute penalty was applied for each bag marked in the wrong place.

As usual, Al Newman was not pleased by the unusual format. Nevertheless, he was in such a yank to get started that he could not wait for the meet director to finish putting out the controls before starting on the course. Several other people expressed enthusiasm for the line O format.

Ruth and Tom Pieski took the lead on the white course with Eric Sandberg not far behind. It was good to see little Gavin Burkhead getting an early start on orienteering. Though possibly not the youngest orienteer in SMOC history, he was certainly the youngest one by far on this day. Joe Chemler and Karen Kirkpatrick took the lead on the yellow course.

The standings on the line O courses were very much affected by the penalties. The Shrader family won on the short line O course, even though their clock time was close to the longest, by correctly locating all the controls. Robert Waddell had the fastest clock time, but missed one control and erred on the location of one of the others bringing his standing down to third. Chuck Newman had a slightly longer clock time but a smaller penalty bringing him in second place. Ali Crocker handily won the long line O with the fastest time of anyone on the line O’s. Jens Christiansen also put in an impressive performance taking just over six minutes more than Ali. Al Newman had a clock time just a few minutes slower than Jens, but missed two controls, which moved his standing down. Rick Waldo came in third by going slower and finding all the controls.

Unfortunately, about halfway into the meet it began to rain. This is particularly inconvenient during a line O, since the contestants have to write on their maps. A few people came back with maps that were disintegrating. Fortunately the rain was light until after all contestants were finished.

An especially big thank you to Mary Joscelyn and Oleg Koptelov whose help with registration was crucial. Thanks also to Jens Christiansen, Ali Crocker, Tom Lee, Rick Waldo, and Jessica Roberts for picking up controls.

White Ruth and Tom Pieski 0:46:00   n/a
Eric Sandberg 0:49:10   n/a
Angela, Ken, and Sydney Raven 0:56:55   n/a
Becca and Gavin Burkhead 1:41:55   n/a
Yellow Joe Chemler and Karen Kirkpatrick 1:02:58   n/a
Wyatt Hazlett and Barbara Wells 1:23:44   n/a
Dick Fortune 1:34:57   n/a
Greg, Adan, and Derrick Bunkosky OE   n/a
Cherie Chang, Melissa Barnes,     
and Justin Sutton OE   n/a
Short Line O Philip, Carolyn, and Lisa Shrader 1:38:35 0:00:00 1:38:35
Charles Newman 1:16:10 0:30:00 1:46:10
Robert Waddell 1:08:54 0:45:00 1:53:54
Mike Chmutov 1:35:17 0:30:00 2:05:17
Robert Tarabula 1:39:26 0:30:00 2:09:26
Timothy Jason Pasinetti 1:39:02 1:00:00 2:39:02
Bill Girardin 1:40:00 1:15:00 2:55:00
Lynn LeAnnais and Audrey Lang 1:12:55 3:00:00 4:12:55
Jennifer Kilbourne 1:13:30 3:30:00 4:43:30
Long Line O Allison Crocker 0:58:03 0:00:00 0:58:03
Jens Christiansen 1:04:15 0:00:00 1:04:15
Rick Waldo 1:36:26 0:00:00 1:36:26
Joseph Burkhead 1:12:03 0:30:00 1:42:03
Elena Yudovina 1:36:10 0:15:00 1:51:10
Michael Li 1:36:50 0:30:00 2:06:50
Al Newman 1:06:58 1:00:00 2:06:58
Mike Keating 2:15:09 0:00:00 2:15:09
Oleg Koptelov 1:52:05 0:45:00 2:37:05
Thomas Lee 2:02:15 0:45:00 2:47:15
Alan Baljeu 2:23:30 1:45:00 4:08:30
Mickael Kikkila and Andrew Alrarez 2:11:35 2:30:00 4:41:35
John Jones 2:06:10 2:45:00 4:51:10
Diane DeAngelis 2:22:34 2:45:00 5:07:34