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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Bishop Lake O-Meet
September 14, 2013
Meet Directors: Cooper & Michelle Green

It was a beautiful early Fall day for orienteering. Five courses were set, all using e-punches, for this Saturday afternoon meet. There were only 40 ‘starts’ which seems like a low turn-out, but everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed the nearly perfect weather. Preliminary results are posted, however, times will be confirmed once we’re able to access a download station and obtain the electronic times.

The White course saw a couple of first-time orienteers. It was also tackled by a couple of very young, but experienced, little kids out for an afternoon with their Moms.
The Yellow course was a fun and scenic course. It seemed to start to bring the competitive spirit out in those that attempted it, yet it still recorded the most consistent finishing times.
Starting the Orange course first, Matt Johnson recorded a convincing win. 2nd & 3rd place was a close contest with a newly-trained Tom Allen helping Barbara Niess May edge out Jason Pasinetti by 2 minutes. Even closer was 4th and 5th where the Hazlett’s may have beaten Mike Keating by seconds…we’ll have to check the e-punch times for confirmation when they are available!
On the Green course, Alex Izzo took just over an hour and forty minutes to earn the victory. Michelle Green made a great run for second place finishing just 6 minutes back. Mike Ryan and Team Yellow Jackets put in a great effort to finish just a few minutes before the 3-hour time limit – Congratulations to them for earning an official ranking!
The Red course held Ali Crocker out there for over an hour, but she still recorded a decisive first place finish. Jens Christiansen recorded his 2nd second place finish of the season and Joe Burkhead followed up in third. Phil Shrader and Tony Misovski finished less than a minute apart after being out for nearly two hours. We appreciated seeing Michael Li out there with first-timer Aaron Wolf for an Orienteering Experience!

A big thanks to Jens Christiansen, Rick Waldo, Shane Brezee, and Alex Izzo for helping pick up controls after the meet. We’re looking forward to a great Fall season!

Electronic results are posted at Winsplits Online

Rank Name Time
1 Tom Allen 0:25
2 Wolf Pack 0:43
3 Rebecca/Gavin Burkhead 0:59
4 Sylvia Davenport 1:09
5 Elizabeth Stopczy 1:19
Rank Name Time
1 Tom Allen 0:30
2 Pat Young 0:36
3 Micah & Ashley 0:38
4 Bill Girardin 0:50
5 Eric Sundberg 1:03
6 Bob & Robby 1:05
7 Gail Perkins 1:09
8 Tom & Ruth Piesik 1:18
9 J&C Sands 1:20
Rank Name Time
1 Matt Johnson 1:00
2 Barb & Tom 1:27
3 Jason Pasinetti 1:29
4 Wyatt & Barbara 1:38
5 Mike Keating 1:38
6 Team McEgg 2:43
OE William Moran ---
OE Roddy Ware ---
OE Greg Willem/Tony ---
OE Team Cohen ---
Rank Name Time
1 Alex Izzo 1:41
2 Michelle Green 1:47
3 Oleg Koptelov 2:11
4 Mike Ryan 2:55
5 Team Yellow Jackets 2:57
OE Heidi Snyder ----
Rank Name Time
1 Ali Crocker 1:06
2 Jens Christiansen 1:26
3 Joseph Burkhead 1:36
4 Phil Shrader 1:48
5 Tony Misovski 1:49
6 Rick Waldo 2:19
7 Shane Brezee 2:52
OE Michael Li/Aaron Wolf 3:14
OE Dick Fortune
OE John Jones