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Southern Michigan Orienteering Club



Maybury Score-O and O-Meet
November 9, 2013
Meet Directors: Igor Guskov

We got really lucky with the weather today!

Lots of folks went out on the 90-minute score-O, two people managed to clear the course: Andrew Metz and Cooper Green. Andrew won with the time under 77 minutes.

O-score results here:

On the goat courses, Joseph Burkhead won the long one and Oleg Koptelov won the shorter one. Team Fiddlestick was given a wrong map and ended up doing the whole of mini-goat instead of score-O, with a pretty good run!

Splits here:

Thanks to Rick, Alex, Cooper, Barbara and Jennifer for their help with control pickup, it was really awesome to be done before it got dark, also thanks to Elena for handling the registration.